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Ajab Gazabb Love Movie Review

A laugh-riot!

 Ajab Gazabb Love
Director :  Sanjay Gadhvi
Music :  Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics :  Priya Panchal, Kausar Munir and Sukhjit Thandi
Starring :  Jacky Bhagnani, Niddhi Subbaiah, Darshan Jariwala, Arshad Warsi, Kiron Kher and Arjun Rampal

October 26, 2012 11:19:32 AM IST
updated on October 26, 2012 03:02:32 PM IST

By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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Sanjay Gadhvi banishes the ghost of KIDNAP, keeps the gear to cruise control mode, dropping it a bit from the high octane stunts from the DHOOM series to take you on a laugh-riot. This film is a joy-ride - clean fun with no puns, yet it tickles your funny bone. Who says entertainment always has to border on the obscene, violent and vulgar?

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The subject is love and the treatment is hatke. Rajveer (Jackky Bhagnani) is the son of a rich businessman who heads an automobile empire. Rajveer is the automobile designer with an eye on the future. While his mother (Kirron Kher) and sister-in-law want him to get married, Rajveer is too involved in the dynamics of the four-wheeler. One day he chances upon Madhuri (Nidhi Subbaiah) on the escalator of his office. From this moment on, he loses his heart to this mystery girl.

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Rajveer now moves his personal life into top gear as he goes in search of Madhuri. He soon realizes that she hates the 'richie-rich' types and is an advocate for social causes. Caught in a fix, he presents himself as this poor lad who works at a petrol pump. But things takes a hilarious turn when Rajveer has to take the help of his mother, brother and sister-in-law and their daughter to play these poor people living in a slum. Reason: Madhuri wants to visit the family. Indignant at first, they soon give in when they realize Rajveer is madly in love with her.

Later, he also has to rope in his dad (Darshan Jariwala) to sell bananas in the market. From wearing designer clothes and sarees to designer suits, his entire family is reduced to playing the pauper to let their son win the heart of the girl he loves. They even have to clean their own house when the girl is around while their servants masquerade as the owners!

At one point his father is striking a very important business deal with a Korean firm when Rajveer storms in to request his dad to discard his suit and go sell bananas because the girl's brother is checking out if that is really the truth. The entire sequence is handled flawlessly as his staff takes position to help their boss sell bananas. Even the scene with the beggar and his son amidst the comedy is heart-warming.

Kirron Kher is outstanding as the mother who has to play a blind lady sewing clothes to make ends meet. Her timing is perfect. Even the cast who play Rajveer's brother, his wife and daughter all ease into their roles of poor souls with glee.

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view AJAB GAZABB LOVE stills

Jackky Bhagnani gives a super-confident performance. In his debut film I had mentioned that "The lad has spark and an endearing quality. He emotes well, delivers his dialogues with confidence, dances decently and is not camera conscious."

He raises the bar in AGL. Displaying a well-toned body, dancing even stylishly and emoting even fervently, he has just gotten better. He can only get better and better. He shines in every scene.

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Nidhi Subbaiah is the right fit for Jackky. Sweet, innocent, a girl with a heart of gold, she portrays the character convincingly making you fall in love with her. A confident performance.

Even Darshan Jariwalla has a blast switching from Board Meets to standing in the market having a duel selling bananas.

There are bonus performances too which give this film an entirely different hue. There's a double dose from Arjun Rampal as the girl's twin brothers. Marvelous is just one word to describe Arjun. Actually he is just brilliant. Another dynamite who storms the screen is Arshad Warsi. Dhamaal performance.

I went in without expectations but came out thoroughly impressed and entertained.

This indeed is Ajab Gazaab Love!

Rating: 3.0

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