Director : Zaigham Imam
Music : Aman Pant
Starring : Neelima Azeem, Danish Hussain, Bhavna Pani, Pawan Tiwari and Aditya Om

February 3, 2017 3:09:16 PM IST
Alif Review By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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Forwarding the ethos of good secular education to the ghetto minded Muslim community in Varanasi, Zaigham Imam's second film ALIF is undoubtedly driven with a passion to deliver a message like his previous well intentioned DOZAKH IN SEARCH OF HEAVEN (also based in Varanasi) in which a Muslim cleric is irked to find his son participating in a Ram Leela stage production.


A guilt stricken hakim (a traditional Muslim physician) Raza played by Danish has no big dreams for his son Ali (Saud Mansuri) and Danish's traditional family is happy to send Ali to a local madarsa (seminary) and complete his education. Danish sister Zahara (Neelima Azeem) whose marriage to a Pakistani is an aftermath caused due to a sensitive religious situation in 1993 is the reason behind Raza's guilt. One fine day Zahara visits Raza and she is surprised to find Ali education confined to that seminary. Zahara pitches for Ali's education in a convent school and dreams to see him as a qualified doctor.

After some drama Raza agrees to send Ali to a convent school and trouble begins. A neighbor hardliner who poses as a poet played by Aditya Om gets the responsibility as a teacher in the seminary and he and likeminded believers like him are against Ali going to a convent school. The 12 year old innocent Ali faces harsh treatment from his school teacher who is also against a boy from seminary coming to a convent for education.

The movie also enters another track where Raza in his quest to retain his sister Zahara in India falls prey to corruption and gets blackmailed by the neighborhood poet if Ali continues to go to the school.

The major highlight of the film is the message on how can an orthodox mindset can ruin the future of today's generation in the name of religion and Zaigham Imam succeeds in bringing that well in front of his audience.

On the performance front Neelima Azeem and Saud Mansuri make their mark. While the director Zaigham in spite of his pious effort and meaningful message fails to uplift the film into a significant chapter that invites debate and have its cinematic stay due to its laziness in nuances and novelty in presentation restricting it to juts a serial on the subject getting played on the big screen.

(A bit extra for the message on education)

 Alif Review Rating : 
2.5/5 stars
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