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Amit Sahni Ki List Movie Review: Should've been a stand-up comedy act

 Amit Sahni Ki List
Director :  Ajay Bhuyan
Music :  Raghu Dixit, Palash Muchhal, Warren Mendonsa / Sidd Coutto and Karthick Iyer
Lyrics :  Ankur Tiwari, Ajay Bhuyan, Tina Nagpaul, Palash Muchhal Shiv Singh Benawra and Shivi R Kashyap
Starring :  Vir Das, Vega Tamotia, Kavi Shastri and Anindita Nayar

July 19, 2014 12:01:05 PM IST
updated March 9, 2015 3:58:15 PM IST
Amit Sahni Ki List Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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This is experimental cinema which would have done well as a play. At one hour ten minutes, it is definitely taxing, even for the urban audience, which I believe this film is targeted at.

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AMIT SAHNI KI LIST is one of those films that look good on paper; in fact, it would have done well as a stand-up comedy act for Vir Das.

Amit (Vir Das) has a long list where he has noted what he wants in his girlfriend. It is quite demanding. He has not mentioned what his girlfriend might want of him. He assumes that she will love Tendulkar (Sachin), cricket and everything that he does. This is apart from the other things he (Amit) loves to do. Sadly, not many of his experimental girlfriends love the cricketer. So he moves from one girl to another, as though they are a commodity and can be got off the rack.


I mean c'mon, give girls their due. They are not just dying to fall for this dude!

Finally, in exasperation, he settles for Mala, a girl his 'constantly-on-the-phone' mother suggests. Amit settles for Mala because he feels he won't find any girl to match his list. After his engagement, however, he meets another bombshell. He dumps his girlfriend for this one, who tracks their meetings on a 'love meter'. When that software detects trouble, she decides to break-up with a break-up expert. Irony is that Amit too wanted to break-up.

He then runs into his now happily married and now pregnant first girlfriend, who gives him some gyaan on goosebumps. He goes in search of Mala, the girl he ditched after his engagement. The same girl because of who his father stopped reading the newspapers in dejection because his son had dumped her.

He finds her and kisses her and realizes he has goosebumps. So there goes. She is the one for him.

Really? How dumb!


This film lacks the intended humour besides showing, young, educated girls [who are far more ambitious that the protagonist and who deserve much better] in a frivilous manner.

As an audience, we too deserve much better. Having said that, the pseudo intellects will lap this one up.

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