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Ankur Arora Murder Case Movie Review : You will not be disappointed

 Ankur Arora Murder Case
Director :  Suhail Tatari
Music :  Gourav Das Gupta, Inder Bawra, Sunny Bawra, Chirantan Bhatt
Lyrics :  Sagar Lahauri, Kausar Munir, Suhail Tatari, Shakeel Azmi, Junaid Wasi
Starring :  Kay Kay Menon, Tisca Chopra, Paoli Dam, Arjun Mathur, Vishakha Singh

June 14, 2013 07:46:18 PM IST
updated June 14, 2013 08:47:44 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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How many people are out there wondering what went wrong with their dear ones who went in for a routine surgery but ended in the grave? Or even patients who have been wheeled into the ICU for nothing and come out dead. There are stories aplenty. I'm sure every third person has one.

You've got to watch this.


ANKUR ARORA MURDER CASE is not only gripping; it's also thought-provoking and path-breaking. The movie throws light on the medical profession and the trauma relatives go through when there is a case of negligence. It also throws light on young interns who have set out on their journey into the medical profession and well-known doctors, some of who feel they are like god!

In this case at least Dr Asthana (Kay Kay Menon) feels he is like one. Chief of Surgeon at Sekhawat Hospital, he has interns looking up to him. Arrogant to the point of being repulsive, yet a human when things go wrong. Dr Asthana is a genius who is unnervingly proud of his achievements. He is so proud and egoistic that he overlooks a routine, mandatory procedure before a surgery.

Ankur Arora (Vishesh Tiwari) is an eight-year-old boy who is brought in to the hospital with a stomach ache. A quick check indicates a case of appendicitis. Dr Rohan (Arjun Mathur) an intern, who has just goofed up in the Operation Theatre, gives the right prognosis and requests the mother (Tisca Chopra) to have him admitted. After Dr Asthana does his tests, he schedules Ankur for an operation the next day.

However, an hour before surgery, Ankur eats a few biscuits when he is supposed to be NBM (Nil By Mouth). He informs the nurse as he is being wheeled into the OT. The nurse informs Dr Asthana who refuses to reschedule the operation and informs her that he will follow another procedure to empty his stomach before the surgery. He forgets the procedure, completes the operation and complications sets in. Ankur slips into a coma and two days later, he is dead.

In the OT, Dr Asthana admits his mistake to his colleagues but tells them to keep in within the OT and inform the mother that there was a lung collapse. To the outside world, relatives in particular, it sounds technically satisfying. All four doctors inside the OT agree to keep the secret, including Dr Riya (Vishaka Singh) who is in a 'live-in' relationship with Dr Rohan.

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Dr Rohan was not in the OT because he had goofed up a few days earlier. But he had promised Ankur that he would be up and about and the operation was just a simple procedure. When he realizes what has happened, he decides to stand by the mother and her friend (Sachin Khurana) to fight the case against Dr Asthana and the organization, even though his medical future is at stake.

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His belief is simple: speak the truth. Dr Riya, on the other hand, is afraid to do just that as her fledgling career is at stake. Also, her father has spent Rs 80 lakh for her education in the medical field. She just cannot let that be unaccounted. ''The truth will ruin you,'' she tells Dr Rohan but he tells her, ''Truth never ruins. Running from the truth does.''

Only the truth will set you free, no matter what price one has to pay. And this is what Dr Rohan does. He braves the odds and faces the truth. But fighting a giant is not always easy. But fight he does... till the end.

Director Suhail Tartari handles an emotional issue with aplomb. He looks into every aspect of the emotions. Be it from the young interns' side, a reputed doctor, or even the people who run hospitals. He even looks at it from the perspective of parents who have children in the medical field.

Performances from all quarters are terrific. Kay Kay Menon is brilliant. Outstanding would be the right adjective. He emotes every situation with the finesse of a Ferrari in high speed. He makes you want to hate arrogant doctors. Arjun Mathur, as the young intern who is willing to risk his career to fight for the truth is sincere in his approach. The trauma he goes through and the fight for justice for a lone mother he wages wants you to reach out to the screen and hug his character. How many doctors are willing to speak out the truth?

Vishaka Singh and Paoli Dam add weight to their performance, which have shades of grey. Tisca Chopra portrays well the role of a shattered mother who fights so that no other patient suffers the same fate. Sachin Khurana does not have many dialogues, but he speaks volumes with his presence.

What irks is the director's desire to put in a filmi-formula when it was not required. Tartari falters when he deviates from the case to loop in another layer to the story. It's quite an irritant, which if done away with, would have made the film even crisper. I don't understand why this suicidal tendency to bring in a ghisa-pita twist.

You've got to watch this because truth is vital for a relative to know. Of course, the truth will not get the patient who is dead back, but it will at least give a closure to the case.

Watch it, you will not be disappointed.

 Rating : 
4/ 5 stars

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