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 Abhishek Kapoor
 Anand Raj Anand
 Anand Raj Anand
 Sohail Khan, Sneha Ullal, Puneet Issar, Inder Kumar, Fardeen Khan, Farida Jalal

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Download Aryan WallpapersItís still not clear to me after watching ARYAN whether itís a boxerís story or a boxerís love story. And thatís because so much time is devoted to the romantic build-up that the heroís quest to become a champion boxer becomes almost insignificant till sometime after the intermission. 

ARYAN can be divided simply into two parts: in the first part he is battling to win his girl and in the second he is fighting to win the title and be the champ. So that tosses up the obvious question of whether itís a love story set against the backdrop of boxing or a boxing movie set against the backdrop of love? Because the tagline for the movie calls Aryan unbreakable for whom winning is the only thing. So it ideally should have been a boxerís story and his triumph and that is seen only after the intermission, which should have been the focus but a lot of time is devoted (read: wasted) on the romantic interludes of Aryan and his lady.

Send Aryan - EcardsARYAN (Sohail Khan) is a tough boxer, a college champ but sacrifices his passion for the (another) love of his life Neha. He is compelled to marry her after he learns sheís pregnant. He has a son Ranveer, a job as a sport commentator and heís quite happy with it till circumstances force him to get into the ring and regain him his passion as well as his dream to be the champ. This is the story line in general. ARYAN is pitted against the ruling champ Ranjeet who in a way instigates him to fight again and Aryan has his tough gut trainer Ranveer (Aryan names his son after this guy) by his side.

Download Aryan WallpapersWhile watching the film one does feel that the story had potential to turn out to be an engaging movie, had the director Abhishek Kapoor provided an eye for detail and a little attention towards the screenplay. He had a good opportunity here to deal with the psyche and frustration of Aryan when he quits boxing and is reduced to living a rudimentary life. He does try to present it but in a very unconvincing way. For that he turns Aryan into almost a wife beater, something that seems more frantic than factual. 

And also Aryanís final confrontation in the ring with Ranjeet ends up being filmi. Ranjeet, who in the first half comes up as a normal looking guy, gets transformed into a monster in the latter half. No explanations for that are provided and it all seems to have been done to serve the purpose. Also the boxing match between the two is, does not pack a punch. Those hardly look as boxing wounds, instead it looks a cupful of tomato ketch-up being been splashed on their faces!

Download Aryan WallpapersBut Abhishek Kapoor does have a few things on his side. First of all he had an average bunch of actors for the lead roles. Here too they donít do anything exceptional but the director at least makes them to stand and deliver. And secondly it was Neelabh Kaulís cinematography thatís worth a mention. He does impress with the way he captures the mood and uses the lighting in the post-interval proceedings. The music is fine with only the song ĎChoona hai Aasma Koí giving the right zest and energy to the story.

Thereís a line in the film said by Aryanís coach that he (Aryan) should keep his punch to himself and not to his girlfriend if he ever wants to become a champion. The director should have stuck to that line while building the screenplay as he often makes Aryan to go against the advice. As a result Kapoor does enter the film into the ring but makes sure it goes down without a fight!

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