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BAAGHI Movie Review: Tiger Shroff cracks it with kick -ass action

Director :  Sabbir Khan
Music :  Meet Bros, Amaal Mallik, Ankit Tiwari and Manj Musik
Lyrics :  Kumaar, Sanjeev Chaturvedi and Raftaar
Starring :  Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor, Sunil Grover and Sudheer Babu

April 29, 2016 2:35:01 PM IST
Baaghi Review By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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Exploiting Tiger Shroff's incredibly acrobatic martial arts talent twined with the charming boyish exuberant appeal, BAAGHI- produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and distributed by UTV Motion Pictures is a kick-ass action that reconfirms Tiger's emergence as Bollywood's new age true blue martial arts star.


Director Sabbir Khan post HEROPANTI beholds the established conventions of a martial arts Kung Fu genre which an action buff has grown up seeing in Jackie Chan, Lee films and coils it with familiar Bollywood romantic actioners seen during the 90s for a bone-wrenching action-packed feast for the lovers of martial arts and combat films.

Though the movie fails to make great shakes as a film and is not at all ashamed for being predictable and cliche in its story , but more noticeable is the position BAAGHI enjoys as the recent best and a true blue Bollywood martial art movie that remembers the ancient Indian martial art Kalaripayattu down from Kerala that is believed to have inspired Asian martial arts like Karate, Kung Fu.

Sanjeev Dutta's script has all the influences from the action dramas of Bollywood during the nineties.. Ronny (Tiger Shroff) is a rebel (a Baaghi), son of an army officer, his dying father's last desire to get him tamed and trained under the guidance of his friend a Kalariypayattu teacher (Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj) in Kerala. On his way Ronny meets Sia (Shraddha Kapoor) and they fall in love without any warning like rains in Mumbai and Kerala do.. so after some 'cham cham' in rain, follows 'gham' by the name of Raghav (Sudheer Babu) son of Kalariypayattu teacher and a world champion of the art who runs an illegal fight club in Thailand. Raghav also desires for Sia and what happens next is everybody's guess.

Shot in Kerala and Bangkok, Director Sabbir Khan happily sticks to basics and leaves all the good work to make this movie worth watching to the stunt coordinators Ejaz Gulab, Kaecha Kampakdee and Javed Karim who do an awesome job in giving action fans a treat.

A gripping mix of martial art, hand-to-hand combat and Kalariypayattu makes it unique. The 20+ minutes of non -stop action is a paisa vasool stuff that positions the film to make a serious claim of being Bollywood's first true martial arts flick.

Tiger stands out as a new age martial art action hero, exuberantly appealing he transcends those combat sense and martial art techniques with finesse. Shows improvement as an actor rom HEROPANTI but has to work more on emoting.

Though the action and Tiger deliver all the right 'kicks' in BAAGHI, the rest has nothing much to boost off. Shraddha Kapoor doesn,t get much to do then drenching, dancing in rain and doing some kicking, her character lacks the required meat. Telugu import Sudheer Babu is plainly okay. A talent like Sanjay Mishra is wasted. Sunil Grover as Shraddha's father is just average.   

Surprisingly, Tiger Shroff's dancing skills are left unexploited and like his debut HEROPANTI, the music of BAAGHI by Meet Bros, Amaal Mallik, Ankit Tiwari and Manj Musik fails to impress.

All said and done BAAGHI is still set to be winner despite all its cliches thanks to its gritty, powerful, mind blowing and bone wrenching fight sequences choreographed on Tiger Shroff who excels in satisfying the thirst of an action buff in a way not done in Bollywood before. The remembrance of the ancient Indian martial art - Kalaripayattu makes BAAGHI - a true Indian martial arts movie and we give an extra for that.

 Baaghi Review Rating : 
3/5 stars
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