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BROTHERS Movie Review: The fight director makes BROTHERS look good

Director :  Karan Malhotra
Music :  Ajay-Atul
Lyrics :  Amitabh Bhattacharya
Starring :  Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez, Jackie Shroff and Shefali Shah

August 14, 2015 11:24:21 AM IST
Brothers Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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David and Monty are brothers: Same father different mother. Their father, Gary, is a drunkard. We are also told he is, or rather was, a fighter. There are no fight scenes to prove this.


All we are shown is an incoherent Jackie Shroff as Gary, sometimes drunk, at most times old, and at all times having difficulty in speaking. I mean, one has to really strain the ears to understand what he is speaking.

David, the older guy (same father same mother) is quite fond of Monty (same father different mother) when his dad gets him home in one of the most absurd scenes in recent times. It happens to be his birthday. Gary's wife, after being upset for a time, then celebrates Monty's birthday.

The next time she is celebrating Monty's birthday (a few years later), there is a mishap at home and the brothers separate.

Meanwhile, Monty fights with bare hands on the streets for money. Ditto David, when he needs cash for his daughter's treatment. But when the principal of the school where he is teaching sacks him, because of this, he goes professional and enrolls in R2F (Right To Fight) a competition on the lines of IPL which is brought to India.

Monty enrolls too. They fight and both reach the finals. David requires the Rs 9 crore prize money for his daughter's treatment. Monty is out to finish David. David's wife is in the audience watching the blood splattering fights. When she is at home, watching on telly, she jumps in insane delight squeaking ''David, David, David.''

This, in short, is the story of BROTHERS. There is in fact no story, nor any story-telling craft. However, if you have braved the first half, and are willing to sit through the next, and love some adrenalin rush, sans any connection with the story, the movie gets better.

The fights do resemble the ones we see on TV and are well handled and picturized. To that end, director Karan Malhotra whose claim to fame is the remake of AGNEEPATH does well when the action director takes over. Surprisingly, there is no mention of the fella who made BROTHERS look good!

For the record, David is Akshay Kumar who wears a forlorn look throughout. Monty is Sidharth Malhotra who prefers the sullen look. Gary is Jackie Shroff.

Also, for the record, both the actors bring out the mean streak in the boxing ring. Akshay and Sidharth do justice to the boxing bouts.

There is also Kareena Kapoor who comes on screen for an item number in the hope of injecting some sizzle. Poof! It just fizzles! That's what happens when you try hard to look sexy.

The highlight of the fight: Monty knocks out Gama from North India in just under three seconds.

Even Mike Tyson took 91 seconds to knock out Michael Spinks!

 Brothers Review Rating : 
2/ 5 stars
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