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 Cheeni Kum
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 R Balakrishnan
 Amitabh Bachchan, Tabu, Paresh Rawal.

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View Cheeni Kum Movie StillsThere’s that spark in his eyes that you see in a teenager. There’s that acceptance in the way she talks and her body language when he is around her that signifies that her heart misses a beat every time he is around. He is 64 and she is 34 and they are hopelessly falling head-over-heels in love. Yes, what’s age got to do with emotions of love - whether you are 60 or 20, the heart reacts in the same manner!

At least this is a believable romance, as compared to Ram Gopal Varma’s NISHABD, where an 18-year-old seduces a 60-plus Amitabh. Point to note here is that the Mr Bachchan is very, very comfortable in his romantic scenes with Tabu. With Jiah Khan, there was the awkwardness that came with the huge age gap.

CHEENI KUM is a cool film laced with good humour. I would call it a mature romance between two very mature adults who know very well what they are getting into and why. It’s not a situation where boy and girl want to run and marry. In fact, Amitabh has a tough time in getting Paresh Rawal (his to-be-father-in-law) to agree, who incidentally is six years younger to him! Now who would want a son-in-law that old! That’s what makes this film delightful.

View Cheeni Kum Movie StillsAmitabh as Buddhadev Gupta, is eccentric in the way he deals with his restaurant staff, his mother played by Zohra Sehgal and Tabu, his love interest. Only later you grow to love his character which actually is laced with lots of love. This aspect is pried open by his one and only ‘sexy’, an eight-year-old neighbour who is dying of leukemia. The scenes between the two have flashes of BLACK. The maturity of the eight-year-old and the counseling sessions they have is something that is believable. And when he gets the news of her passing away just after Paresh Rawal agrees to let his daughter marry him, Amitabh is in his elements. Both emotions of elation and extreme sadness are captured well by the director and executed superbly by the graceful Bachchan. Zohra Sehgal who is witness to her son’s moment of truth, too, is captured brilliantly by the camera.

Scenes to watch out for: Between Amitabh and his mother Zohra Sehgal; Amitabh and the eight-year-old; Amitabh and Tabu; Amitabh and Paresh Rawal.

There’s a dash of sweetness (Tabu), the right amount of spice (Amitabh), a proper dose of lime (Paresh Rawal), perfect quantity of salt (‘sexy’) and tadka (provided by Zohra Sehgal). A clean entertainer which can be watched by the entire family

Ratings: 4/5

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