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 Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii
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Music :

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Starring :
 Kituu Salooja
 Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant
 Irfan Siddique
 Rahul Bose, Zain Khan, Rajesh Khera, Kapil Dev, Meera Vasudevan, Nasir Hussain, Susheel Parasher, Amrindher Sodhi, Raj Bhansali, Deeptiman Chadhury,

By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

Chain Kulli Ki Main Kulii Movie PosterThis is one film that should have been released either during the World Cup or when the kids had their summer vacation. With school already on and cricket taking a back seat after the Bangladesh beating at the World Cup, I doubt this movie will have any takers. Although it deals with fantasy, it has a weak script and the director is trying to tell too many stories in one go.

There is an orphanage run by one Hitler (Rajesh Khera). I wonder which orphanage runs in the manner this does. Maybe, the director is fantasising. Then there is Karan (Zain Khan) who lives in the orphanage, who stumbles on Kapil Devís bat. Pronto! He makes it to the Indian team against Pakistan. Obviously heís a star in the orphanage as well as the country. Thereís Varun (Rahul Bose) the captain of the Indian cricket team who hates his father. Then there is this orphan boy who is jealous of Varunís success Raghav (Raj Bhansali). And yes, the story of how Kapil Dev scored 175 not out after India were reduced for 17/5 against Zimbabwe is still being told! That was in 1983.

Chain Kulli Ki Main Kulii Movie PosterTo add to the spice thereís Maru and Nadira. They are both commentators. Yes you donít have to be a genius to know who they impersonate! Mandira and Charu!! While the real Mandira has the best sarees, Malini needs a stylist. As for Maru, he has lots of hair. A good hair weaving job by Nasir Khan.

No, thereís no story so I will not even attempt to tell one. Letís go straight to the acting. Rahul, given the weak script and the fantasy plot, does well. Zain Khan impresses as a new comer, so does Raj Bhansali. As for Rajesh Khera, the Hitler of the orphanage, all that can be said is that he has a good stylist.

Maybe, just maybe, if the focus was more on the orphanage than cricket, the story would have been different. But then again, they donít even know how an orphanage is run!!

Ratings: 1/5

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