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COMMANDO Movie Review: COMMANDO has a social message

Director :  Dilip Ghosh
Music :  Mannan Shah
Lyrics :  Mayur Puri
Starring :  Vidyut Jamaval, Pooja Chopra and Jaideep Ahlawat

April 12, 2013 04:02:09 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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Bollywood has truly come of age as far as a slick action flick is concerned. With COMMANDO, it breaks all barriers and sets new standards. Not only that, in Vidyut Jamwal, we have found a martial arts exponent whose acting is as sublime as his killer chops. Bruce Lee from ENTER THE DRAGON? Absolutely!

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As Vishnu the villain in his debut film, FORCE, Vidyut was terror personified. As Capt. Karanvir Dogra, he unleashes a new power in fight sequences hitherto not seen in a Bollywood film. Hopefully, this should be goodbye to digitalized fight scenes where stunts defy human gravity.

In a routine training exercise, Karanvir Dogra's helicopter crashes into Chinese waters. The wreckage is swept away along with the pilot. Dogra is captured alive and is being projected as a spy to embarrass the Indian Government. The Indian Army authorities, pressurized by politics are quick to eliminate his records from India and also his entity as a Commando in the Indian Army. He is tortured for a year in a Chinese prison but makes good his escape one day as he is being taken to court.

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Cut to Himachal Pradesh where Amrit Kanwal Singh (Jaideep Ahlawat) has his own brand of terror. He has set his eyes on Simrit (Pooja Chopra) who he wants to forcefully marry. He has the entire political and police force on his side. Left with no option, Simrit decides to escape. But AK's goons catch up with her at the bus stand, where they run into Dogra. ''Isse bachane mein mujhe koi fayda hai, na tumhe marne mein,'' he tells the goons. But when they brag about their political status Dogra gets into a full-blown rage. He is ready to take them on. All are flattened in a fight sequence brilliantly executed with stunts by Vidyut that leaves you open-mouthed.

He has now taken on the wrath of AK who promises to finish him off. The chase is now in the jungle where Dogra takes on the might of AK's men and beast till he is struck by a bullet and flung into the ravine.

He will return; but by then AK has wiped off Simrit's family and is getting ready to marry her.

Dilip Ghosh who is making his debut as a director could not have asked for a better script and two deadly heroes. Yes, Apart from Vidyut Jamwal, it is Jaideep Ahlawat who steals the thunder and storms the valley with his class villainous act. If Jamwal's stunts and dare-devilry takes this movie to another level, Ahlawat's performance dominates throughout. The last villain who really put the fright into the viewer (after Gabbar Singh) was Vidyut Jamwal himself in FORCE. In COMMANDO, Ahlawat's AK comes close to Jamwal's Vishnu. A class act worth going miles to see.

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view COMMANDO stills

But here's the bummer; Ghosh interjects the proceedings not once but twice with songs that add no meaning, nor weight to the goings-on, on screen. And that to my mind is a criminal move. Both these songs come in at a crucial time when the plot is ready to leap-frog to another level. It diffuses whatever tension he has managed to create thus reducing his own creation to a joke. When will movie-makers learn that item numbers and songs are not a necessity, especially when the script, action and acting are kick-ass.

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The back-ground score, the dialogues between Dogra and AK and the cinematography are other elements that perk up this film. The meeting point of Dogra and AK have been cleverly structured. No jerks in the plot.

Pooja Chopra who makes her debut could not have asked for a better launch pad. However, there is no dynamism in her performance. A little more spark is what was required of her.

Nevertheless, COMMANDO is a definitely a must-watch for all who revel in action that is Hollywood class. It is a FORCE to reckon with. Dogra does not come straight at his target; he ricochets off walls and flies off trees! He even spins and coils around his opponent leaving him no room for escape. Importantly, COMMANDO even has a social message which tells the people of the village to wake-up and take on the power of thugs (read politicians).

For now, let us celebrate Vidyut Jamwal and the man who stands tall opposite him - Jaideep Ahlawat.

 Rating : 
4/ 5 stars

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