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Creature 3D Movie Review: Creature 3D is brilliant

 Creature 3D
Director :  Vikram Bhatt
Music :  Mithoon and Tony Kakkar
Lyrics :  Mithoon and Tony Kakkar
Starring :  Bipasha Basu, Imran Abbas, Major Bikramjeet Singh, Deepraj Rana and Mukul Dev

September 12, 2014 8:48:40 PM IST
updated March 9, 2015 3:50:13 PM IST
Creature 3D Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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Director Vikram Bhatt ensures that the 'Brahm Rakshas', the creature, who creates havoc in the middle of a forest property has plenty to chew upon. For once, you have a Bollywood film that actually uses the 3D technology to good visual effect.

In the first seen, a truck which is bringing in supplies to Glendale Resort in a forest area run by Aahana (Bipasha Basu) breaks down. The driver calls for help in the middle of the forest on his cell phone. Soon, he hears a bloodcurdling sound coming in from the forest. This brave man moves into the forest asking, ''kaun hai?''!!

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He is eaten raw!

Glendale Resort, is being promoted by Aahana as the new 'Heaven on Earth'. She has select rooms with select guests. The USP of this resort is individual attention. Creature comes close to the resort and does away with one couple. Later, he enters the resort and does away with the chef while creating havoc with other guests.

The forest official in charge is this paan chewing, 'know-it-all' guy. The creature does away with him too.

Coming back to the story, Aahana has 10 days to sort things out before the 'loan sharks' come back to take away the property. Now Glendale is all that she has after she ran away to escape from the 'city animals' who mentally tortured her dad, who refused to sell his prime property. She now prefers to fight the creature. Brave girl: all she has is her grit.

She has help in the form of a forest official, a professor, played by Mukul Dev, who jumps onto the screen in the nick of time to save Aahana and her guests from being mauled by the creature, and a forlorn boy who claims he is an author, the first of her guests at the resort.

They are blessed with an old gun and seven bullets, out of the 32 that were used to kill the earlier 'Brahm Rakshas' around 70 years ago. This is given to them by the son of the man who did this noble deed. This gun and bullet is special because it has gone through some purification process in the form of some mantras.

 Creature 3D Review Rating : 
4/ 5 stars

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