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Delhi Safari Movie Review

When animals teach humans!

 Delhi Safari
Director :  Nikhil Advani
Music :  Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Starring :  (Voiceover) Akshaye Khanna, Govinda, Suniel Shetty, Boman Irani and Urmila Matondkar

October 17, 2012 05:51:54 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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DELHI SAFARI is a fun ride from the National Park, taken over by Khateeja Builders in Mumbai, to Delhi.

This animated film drives home the point without pulling any punches. The message is loud and clear, humans are animals who do not spare even humans! Don't believe me; book your tickets for the 'first day first show'. You will not regret this ride.

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Within the first five minutes, director Nikhil Advani captivates his audience as he gives us a peep into a family of Leopards (dad, mum and son) having their moment in the sun in the jungle. Dad is teaching Son to be a man while Mum is aghast. There is romance between the two leopards before dad is cruelly gunned down. Sultan was their king. All animals in the jungle are now afraid and are ready to move out as 'development' is about to take place. 'Live among nature,' shouts the hoarding put up by the builders. This irony is not lost on you as the animals huddle up for their next plan of action.

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Young cub Yuvi is the one who takes center-stage wanting to fight back. Mum wants nothing of it. Bajrangi the monkey wants to take on the humans head-on, but Bagga the bear feels a more 'human' approach is needed. Anything is possible through dialogue, he reasons with the agitated beasts. But for that, they have to go to parliament. But herein lies the hitch. Who will speak up for them? They hatch a plan to kidnap Alex the Parrot, who lives in a golden cage, loves humans and hates animals, especially Bajrangi the monkey. They plan to go to Delhi. Yes!

Their journey is peppered with instances that keep you glued to the screen. When they finally reach Delhi, Alex the Parrot takes stuns the humans, first by monkeying around. When he has the attention of the people gathered in the streets along with the television media, he unleashes his spiel.

'Jungle se hum aaye hain, lekin Janwar tum ho, jo har baat pe action pe uttar aate hain' he begins as those with guns and weapons cast their eyes down in shame. 'Yeh mission har jaanwar ka jo apne hi ghar mein dar se jeete hai,' he tells the attentive audience. By now even the PM is all ears.
The story (by Suresh Nair and Girish Dhamija) is neat and clean, so is the animation. The puns in between are hilarious. The duels between Bajrangi and Alex the 'television serial' watching parrot are hilarious and act as an important cog in the entire wheel. The entire treatment is sober with no gimmicks making this an enjoyable 3-D viewing.

view DELHI SAFARI movie posters
view DELHI SAFARI movie posters

But what truly heightens the quality of this movie are the voices. Every voiceover gives the characters a distinct quality. Boman Irani lending his voice to Bagga the bear is regal. He is having a blast as he modulates his voice from funny to serious to just plain simple. Govinda, giving the monkey a Bihari twist is hilarious. Akshaye Khanna acts as the voice of Alex the parrot (brilliant), while Swini Khara (cub), Suniel Shetty (sultan) and Urmila Matondkar (sultan's wife) all chip in with their voice, lending that distinct quality to the entire production.

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The visuals which show a huge stretch of green turning into concrete are quick and to the point. There is a scene where a tiger calls himself a billi because he is scared of humans!

DELHI SAFARI is a wakeup call not only to save our animals, but also our environment. It's a funny way of highlighting a serious issue!

A good hit, below the belt!

Rating: 4.0

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