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Dishkiyaoon Movie Review : Harman Baweja and Shilpa Shetty's DISHKIYAOON is bland

Director :  Sanamjit Singh Talwar
Music :  Sneha Khanwalkar, Palash Muchhal and Prashant Narayanan
Lyrics :  Sanamjit Singh Talwar
Starring :  Harman Baweja, Sunny Deol and Ayesha Khanna

March 29, 2014 10:53:31 AM IST
updated March 9, 2015 4:22:21 PM IST
Dishkiyaoon Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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DISHKIYAOON is a movie that can be summed up in one word. O Teri!

Throughout the first half, you are treated to a bland narrative. The idea, I guess, was to get to impact point. But in taking over 60 minutes to get the film clearer to the viewer, director Sanamjit Talwar muddles the matter even further, leaving the viewer with not even academic interest in the plot.

One thought that after the interval things would get better. Sadly, it gets worse with the main protagonist, saddled with a stony face and a cigarette between his lips, going about his morose life as though sleepwalking.

view DISHKIYAOON stills
view DISHKIYAOON stills

From what I can gather, Viki (Harman Baweja) took to crime because he was not getting the attention he deserved from his father at home. His mother passed away when he was five years old. To make matters worse, a bully in school takes delight in punching him. His father tells him to follow Gandhi's principle which he (Gandhi) imbibed from the Bible of turning the other cheek. The bully slaps the other cheek as well.

With no option left, he goes to a bhai to get things settled. Bhai teaches him to hit back. In short, what his father could not teach him in 12 years, bhai taught him in five seconds. Now, mind you, all this is not told in a simple manner. There is a lot of complication in getting to this point, with Viki and Lakwa (Sunny Deol) giving out this information in a dark, dingy room, through a game of snakes and ladder and drawings on the wall. We later learn that these two are discussing the story for the benefit of the viewer in a jail cell!

There you have it... O Teri. DISHKIYAOON. There could not have been a better title for this movie!

PS: For Harman Baweja, this is one helluva 'Show Reel'.

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