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DO LAFZON KI KAHANI Movie Review: Randeep Hooda sways in a mediocre Korean remake

 Do Lafzon Ki Kahani
Director :  Deepak Tijori
Music :  Ankit Tiwari
Lyrics :  Sandeep Nath and Manoj Muntashir
Starring :  Randeep Hooda, Kajal Aggarwal, Dhiraj Shetty, Anil George, Yuri Suri and Mamik

June 10, 2016 1:11:11 PM IST
Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Review By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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This week Bollywood seems to be in competition in expressing its love for Korean Cinema. 'IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE' (title of one of Korea's respected Wong Kar-Wai's talkative but seductive piece on relationship.. if not done, Bollywood can attempt this one, result might be better just a humble suggestion).


Anyways coming back to DO LAFZON KI KAHANI, after Mr. Bachchan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Vidya Balan starrer TE3N (remake of MONTAGE), now we have Song Il Gon's (better known for FLOWER ISLAND) rom com based on the tried and tested themes of sin and redemption - ALWAYS remade as DO LAFZON KI KAHANI starring Randeep Hooda and Kajal Aggarwal (their spelling not mine).

Director Deepak Tijori's six films history that travelled from drama to mystery fortunately gets better from the standards set by him in his previous films like FOX, TOM, DICK, and HARRY etc. Tijori keeps the elements of the original alive but fails to channelize it to the Indian audience accordingly resulting in a rom com that has its loveable moments but not a story that can be loved with your beloved.

In spite of a borrowed but acceptable story line that fits in Indian sentiments, DO LAFZON KI KAHANI fails to add much glory to Deepak Tijori's movie making story the way BOXER - the Kannada remake of the same Korean film did to its director Preetham Gubbi.

Randeep Hooda sways throughout with a wonderful display of a fearsome kick boxer torned between love, guilt and an unforgettable dark past in his role as Suraj - a once upon a time kickboxer who has hanged his gloves after a disturbing incident. The ex-toughie does odd jobs like waterman, security man etc..

One evening while performing his duties as a security officer a kind-hearted cheerful blind teacher Jenny (Kajal Aggarwal) makes her entry into his cabin and heart. Bonding on a popular soap opera, they both fall in love.

A cliche twist makes its grand entry when Suraj learns that Jenny's eyes can be cured through an expensive cornea transplant. So it's back to breaking bones in the ring for fighter Suraj but before the operation a dark past from Suraj's life keeps Jenny wondering and searching for his love after her successful operation.

Writer Girish Dhamija and director Deepak Tijori simply go by the flow and don't bother to add any novelty in their presentation. The glaring loophole like a well-furnished house of Jenny does not consist of a television set. The reason why a fighter has to rub all his identity to participate in an illegal fight is not explained properly, etc etc.

As mentioned earlier, Randeep Hooda is all the way impressive adding to the ongoing good work we saw in LAAL RANG, SARBJIT. He even has an uncanny resemblance to So Ji-sub - the actor in the original.

The same cannot be said about Kajal who impresses in bits and pieces. She wins on her bubbly quotient but her blind part is restricted to just stares in some direction.

The chemistry between Randeep and Kajal could have been better if the writer has taken care about this.

Arjuna Harjai, Ankit Tiwari, Amaal Mallik and Babli Haque music fails to add the required zing needed for a Bollywood rom com. The soulful 'Jeena Marna' sung by Altamash Faridi is the only saving grace.

Other technicalities are fine.

In the end, DO LAFZON KI KAHANI has nothing much to say literally. Though the movie is faithful to its believe on love, the presentation lacks novelty. The makers should have understood that love is blind but lovers of good love story are not.

Watch it only if your partner insists or you love Randeep Hooda more than anything else. 

 Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Review Rating : 
2/5 stars
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