DONGRI KA RAJA Movie Review: Overwhelmingly stereotyped

Dongri Ka Raja
Director : Hadi Ali Abrar
Music : Asad Khan
Lyrics : nil
Starring : Ashmit Patel, Ronit Roy, Gashmeer Mahajani, Reecha Sinha and Ashwini Kelsekar

November 12, 2016 9:52:24 AM IST
Dongri Ka Raja Review By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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Doing very little to the gangster crime genre, DONGRI KA RAJA by Hadi Ali Abrar is so overwhelmingly stereotyped that the cliches run faster than the bullets in this film.


The once prolific Ram Gopal Varma has spread this epidemic amongst aspiring filmmakers who have grown up watching his SATYA, COMPANY etc. Now they don,t have the remedy for the disease.

Right from the bird eye view of Mumbai, to a simple looking sharp shooter and his ugly friends, a kohl eyed Muslim don, dirty looking politicians (not here a big relief), a good hearted women and more.. tribute is paid to all cliches, in this tale of Raja (Gashmeer Mahajani) an adopted son by the gang lord of Dongri Mansoor (Ronit Roy) who is now his sharp shooter. Raja does his assignments by impersonating sub-inspector Sidhanth (Ashmit Patel) and one fine day falls in love with Shruti (Reecha Sinha) before doing an item number with Sunny Leone . So all its there but still it's a pointless nightmare to the audience who fail to find a single character of good virtues.

Without sounding speaking against movies on evil characters - loved Anurag kashyap's RAMAN RAGHAV but it was in different zone, a character of good virtues is a must in gangster genres which is missing or the makers in their fascination might have shot him/her down.

The dialogues keep on coming from every ones mouth just for the sake of it without any establishment. The sleepy narration does no good. Ronit Roy tries to charm with his subtle intensity that is facing the danger of going synonymous with this fine talent.

Debutant Gashmeer Mahajani and Reecha Sinha are strictly okay. Ashwini Kalsekar does her part with honesty.

Never the less, DONGRI KA RAJA has much more important announcement to make from its fascination to stereotypes and all tribute to Bollywood cliches.. Ronit Roy should do a comedy very soon.

 Dongri Ka Raja Review Rating : 
1.5/5 stars
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