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 Ek Din 24 hours
Director :
Starring :
 Anant Balani
 Rahul Bose, Nandita Das

By Kshama Rao

Life is a bitch and then you die - says Viren, played by Rahul Bose in the late writer director Anant Balani's film 'Ek Din 24 Ghante'. To modify that one pearl of wisdom, life is watching that film and then you know wot...

Seriously, getting inspired by something as brilliant a film like 'Run Lola Run' is one thing and butchering it is another. Worse, an actress like Nandita Das agrees to become our desi Lola while the ubiquitous Rahul Bose, her swine of a boyfriend. If you must know what this film is all about, it's about Viren calling up Sameera (Das) one fine day and telling her he needs help, he needs 20 lakhs within a day. He's lost all the money in gambling and so the ladylove must do whatever she can to help him. In the very first reel, while you know that Viren is an absolute swine who doesn't really care for Sameera, our Lola realises it only in the last!

Back to getting the money, Sameera first points a gun to her father who she knows is having an affair with another woman - and so even tries to blackmail him that if he doesn't give her the money she would spill the beans to her mother - and then gets into her track suit and runs for the dear life of Viren. Mumbai bandh we are told and our PT Usha has to huff it and puff it on the Mumbai roads with a contract killer and a cop on her trail. After a torturous one and a half hour, Lola manages to reach Viren and rescue him with the money. By the way, did we tell you Lola also has been gifted with this rare ability to dream things, have premonition about what's going to happen in future. So there she goes again dreaming about a haunted house, which she ventures into the next day, finds out that Viren is actually a swine and then shoots him in the head! End of story.

The film unlike the original is hardly on-the-edge stuff. Not once do you feel involved with Sameera's predicament. The pace, the urgency of getting the money in 24 hours is just not there. Instead you find yourself reclining into your seat waiting for the ordeal to get over. And it does, mercifully - life is really watching such films and then you know wot...

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