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Fireflies Movie Review: FIREFLIES is different, it's brilliant!

Director :  Sabal Singh Sheikhawat
Music :  Karsh Gale, Grain, Monica Dogra, Nikhil DSouza and Indus Creed
Lyrics : 
Starring :  Rahul Khanna, Monica Dogra, Arjun Mathur, Shivani Ghai and Aadya Bedi

October 30, 2014 4:56:40 PM IST
updated March 9, 2015 3:40:39 PM IST
Fireflies Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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If you've never loved, you've never lost. And if you've loved and lost, twice over, you love all over again, even more intensely.

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download more FIREFLIES movie wallpapers

FIREFLIES, by director Sabal Singh Shekhawat (who makes his debut), is what you call 'a rocking film'. It's hard to believe that this English/Hindi feature with a distinct Hollywood class has been handled by a first-timer.

The entire film is finesse personified. You are treated to casting of highest standards with every character 'living' the part. The screenplay is smooth with scenes merging seamlessly, although at times the action shifts to two different countries. The music and vocals is a music lover's delight.

You can see the movie for its music and singing, or for its perfect performances. Whichever way you look at it, you will not come out disappointed but doubly delighted. My personal favourite is Redemption written and sung by Nikhil D'Souza with rich guitar strumming.


The writing too is not even from the 'out of the box' theory. Sekhawat, who has also written the film has thought 'without the box'!

Rahul Khanna (Shiv), Arjun Mathur (Rana), Aadya Bedi (Maya), Shivani Ghai (Sharmila) and Monica Dogra (Michelle) all tune in harmony to merge their love and their lives with a thin line of tragedy connecting them together.

The film captures the lives of two estranged brothers. Shiv leads a very successful life as a banker, married to Maya, a girl from high society. His brother Rana is the complete opposite. A law school dropout, he lives by the day. Fate tore them emotionally apart 15 years ago and it is left to 'fate' to bring them together where it all went wrong for them.
An exhausting emotional journey, which underlines the true meaning of loving and longing.

Rahul Khanna, seen on screen after four years, is regal as the banker Shiv who wants to climb up the social ladder. While his marriage to Maya seems perfect on the surface, his longing for his childhood friend brings in a different hue to his existence. A role well defined and executed superbly by Rahul.

Arjun Mathur is an actor who gets into the 'character'. If you have watched ANKUR ARORA MURDER CASE, you will know what I mean. You don't see that fresh-faced intern anymore. It's this tough on the outside, soft inside Rana that you see. And what is even more attractive about his performance is that he manages to shed the body language of a mechanic when he goes abroad to try his luck. Try as hard as you may but you cannot detect a layer of 'that Rana' into 'this Rana'.

All the ladies rise to the occasion. Monica Dogra as the wild Michelle, entering lustfully into a relationship which was meant to be a 'one night stand', too stands out. She lends her voice to the song Peekabo, as well. Beautifully sung.

Aadya Bedi as Maya has a small role as Shiv's wife, but in the given time slot she manages to let your heart, reach out to her. Ditto Shivani Ghai, as Sharmila who pines for her lost love in the much married Shiv.

At the interval you wonder why Chandni Sahi, who plays Manda, Shiv's and Rana's sister, is not shown, since she is narrating the story. But it the end, it all comes through.

FIREFLIES is different. It's brilliant. It's coming of age cinema.

 Fireflies Review Rating : 
4/ 5 stars

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