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Director :
Music :
Starring :
 Imtiaz Punjabi
 Paresh Rawal, Anuj Sahani, Iqbal Khan, Farida Jalal, Kader Khan, Gulshan Grover, Netanya Singh, Raima Sen.

By Kshama Rao

Debutant director Imtiaz Punjabi's Fun2shh... has an interesting premise - three 21st century good for nothing blokes hitting a wall and getting transported into the 10th century - but he botches it up with tacky sets, gross dialogues, obscene sequences and an overall lack of finesse and style. The humour if any comes in miniscule doses while a major part of the film is about the (mis) adventures of Aju (Anuj Sahani), Vicky (Iqbal Khan) and Johnny (Paresh Rawal).

Aju, Vicky and Johnny are three good-for-nothing friends who live as tenants with a land lady (Farida Jalal). The trio one day is wrongly accused of stealing a crown that belonged to the 10th century King. On their case is Bhaleram (Kader Khan) their employer and a couple of idiotic cops. The crown has been actually stolen by Chindi Chor (Gulshan Grover), a conman. While the three guys are being chased around by the cops and Bhaleram their car gets hit against a wall which takes them to the 10th century in the Chhanpura kingdom of Raja Babusha (Grover again). The three find themselves in tricky situations and in the meanwhile Aju and Vicky also fall in love with the King's two daughters (Netanya Singh and Raima Sen). They also find shelter in the house of a lady magician who is the 10th century incarnate of their landlady. After an excruciating two hours, the trio finds themselves back in the 21st century with their ladyloves.

Punjabi is also credited with the story and screenplay, which get royally butchered. Add to that Jayant Deshmukh's pretentious sets, Prittam's strictly average music and Rajesh Khattar and Pravin Raj's dialogues, which don't help matters much (especially 10th century folks talking in different dialects, even Urdu).

As for the performances, Gulshan Grover sleepwalks through the role (he even looks sleepy in some scenes), Kader Khan is unbearable, Paintal as the 10th century Einstein is seen in a thankless role. Anuj Sahani looks visibly uncomfortable while Iqbal Khan goes over the top. So naturally it's upto Paresh Rawal to keep the madness going but honestly we are sure even the audience is now bored with his antics. Can Rawal please start saying no to ventures like Fun2shh, which do nothing but insult our senses?

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