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Gang of Ghosts Movie Review: A dose of genuine humour

 Gang Of Ghosts
Director :  Satish Kaushik
Music :  Dharam-Sandeep
Lyrics :  Satish Kaushik, Rashmi Singh, Vikas Kumar and Qateel Shifai
Starring :  Sharman Joshi, Mahie Gill, Anupam Kher, Meera Chopra, Jackie Shroff, Parambrata, Saurabh Shukla, Rajpal Yadav, Yashpal Sharma, Asrani and Rajesh Khattar

March 21, 2014 12:18:33 PM IST
updated March 9, 2015 4:24:29 PM IST
Gang Of Ghosts Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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Satish Kaushik's penchant for comedy comes full circle in GANG OF GHOSTS, his latest from the director's seat. It's light, easy, and funny, has a social message, and above all, lands a playful punch on the face of several Bollywood personalities that is hilarious in a respectful manner!

I mean there have been references to actors and directors in films in the past, but that has been more to run down than anything else, but in GANG OF GHOSTS, Kaushik inserts vignettes of personalities in a very subtle manner.

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The references to RGV and his camera angles are a riot. Sad 69 (it comes in a bottle) is the delight of a yesteryear actress. Her statement on her 'performances' with producers, directors and actors is not lost! Spoofs on a few songs also deserve special mention. Not to mention the 'Bhoots only' nite in a discotheque.

The movie, which is a remake of a Bengali film BHOOTER BHABISHYAT does not start with the proverbial bang. In fact it takes time to build up and you wonder where the ghosts are or how they will be inserted within the plot. But therein lies the magic of the script. The ghosts are hidden between layers of the story. They come alive only when Rajpal Yadav walks in for an interview with ghosts who want to stay in a place where they will not be displaced either by 'development' or film shoots.


In GOG, we later learn that the ghosts are being displaced from the places they have made their 'homes' as builders are rampantly changing the city skyline. No one bothers about them because they cannot vote! Their last big place where they comfortably stay in Mumbai is Royal Mansion owned by Gendamal (Anupam Kher) which has a heritage status. But when it is being lent out for film shoots for the upkeep of its maintenance, the ghosts decide to scare the team away. There is a temporary reprieve.

However, when the grandsons of Gendamal unite to sell off the property to a builder, the ghosts decide to keep their terrain safe. Being a ghost story, this one is not spooky or scary. The ghosts here are having a blast.

Raju Writer (Sharman Joshi) keeps on following Parambrata Chatterjee, an ad film director, who comes to Royal Mansion to prepare for his Ad shoot. Raju insists that the director listens to the story he has written, which he is sure will be a blockbuster. It is indeed a gripping tale, one which captures the imagination of the director who promises to find funding. Raju is on cloud nine as finally, after years of struggle, his writing will see the light of day.

Sharman Joshi is proving to be in terrific form. Every film gets better than the previous one.


Asrani with his ''Muhje kya malum, mein to garib aadmi hoon'' is another laugh riot. Saurabh Shukla as the Bengali, Chunky Pandey, Yashpal Sharma, Brandon Hill, Jackie Shroff and Meera Chopra all turn up to play the perfect ghosts supported by their back stories.

Now for Sad 69 and Manoranjana Kumari; the reigning yesteryear Bollywood star played by Mahie Gill. Though the role is not as demanding, Mahie infuses the right dose of humour with 'out of this world expressions' (read ghostly) to make it stand out.

But for me, apart from Sharman and Mahie, it is Vijay Verma who stands out as the dead musician. This guy has terrific talent.

GANG OF GHOSTS is recommended for your weekend dose of genuine humour.

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