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GHAYAL ONCE AGAIN Movie Review: Ghayal Once Again has you on the edge-of-your-seat

 Ghayal Once Again
Director :  Sunny Deol
Music :  Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics :  Amitabh Bhattacharya
Starring :  Sunny Deol, Soha Ali Khan, Om Puri, Murli Sharma, Tisca Chopra, Nadira Babbar, Narendra Jha, Abhilash Kumar, Neha Khan, Shivam Patil, Diana Khan and Aanchal Munjal

February 5, 2016 5:06:20 PM IST
Ghayal Once Again Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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There's just one song and edge-of-the seat action that is sure to make GHAYAL ONCE AGAIN, a huge hit. Inserting songs into action films, or any films, (even if it makes no sense) has become the norm. But thankfully, Sunny Deol who is also the director of this film knows what works best here. He does away with dream sequences and silly poolside shots, with 'noise' which qualifies as today's music.


That's a huge plus; plus the fact that the action sequences are way up there. The nearly 10-minute-chase in the mall where Raj Bansal's hit-men are chasing the four teenagers who have vital evidence that will bring his business empire crumbling down, has several heart-in-the-mouth moments. And it is sequences like these that make GOA, a sequel to GHAYAL, a crackling movie.

Sunny in the front seat from both sides, as a director and the lead, handles the sequence in a seasoned manner. Quickly, he ties up the bits from GHAYAL to build up the momentum. Ajay Mehra (Sunny Deol) out after serving his prison term for the murder of Balwant Rai (Amrish Puri) and his cronies is on a mission to clean up the system. He has his team spread all over the city, some of who served jail time with him. They all have one mission: to work for the truth.

He is now leading a newspaper 'Satyakam' which vows to fight the truth and root out corruption. One scene where he whisks off his rival (Harsh Chhaya) after one of his reporters commits suicide is a precursor of his style of functioning after he gets to the truth.

The younger generation is impressed with his fight for justice and he has become a thorn in the flesh for the powers that be. Raj Bansal (Narendra Jha) is one such individual who literally has the city in his palms; feeding politicians, policemen and the entire system. He is sitting on an empire which his son is jeopardizing with his 'beyond explanation rage'. Turns out this Harvard graduate is a coke head!

In one such fit-of-rage, his son kills former DCP turned RTI activist Joe D'Souza (Om Puri). This incident is captured on camera by one of the four teenagers, who are fans of 'Satyakam' and Mehra. Incidentally, to cover up the murder, Bansal ensures that Joe is 'Killed' in a highway collision where 10 other innocent people lose their lives!

When Bansal comes to know that these kids have damning evidence, he is out to get them with the entire government support behind him. Unfortunately for him, Ajay Mehra is also alerted at the same time.

Sunny Deol has mellowed and he handles his character well, taking the back seat for almost the entire first half. Narendra Jha as Raj Bansal the powerful industrialist gives a stand-out performance. On the one hand he has to balance his business and on the other he is wondering what to do with his young son who has no control over his rage. His wife (Tisca Chopra) is a silent observer whose character is well etched. She is this rich woman who has no control over her own home. It would have been easy to turn this character into a caricature but with just her few scenes and subtle body language Tisca defines the Bansal family and where she stands in the entire scenario.

Sunny is good in the action as well as emotion sequences and he throws in a neat twist into the script to take the film to its climax. A bit of DIE HARD 2 flashes into your mind. And though the end is a little over-the-top, you can forgive this largesse. This is Sunny Deol and his Dhai Kilo Ka haath does talk in the end!

The kids Anushka (Aanchal Munjal), Rohan (Shivam Patil), Zoya (Daina Khan) and Varun (Rishabh Arora) all put in a decent performance but the boy who hits the high notes with his performance is the one who plays Bansal's son. Soha Ali Khan has a confused role. One does not know whether she is just a doctor to Ajay or if there is more to their relationship.

This is pure action and Sunny fans are going to have a screaming time in the theatres.

 Ghayal Once Again Review Rating : 
4/5 stars

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