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Hate Story 3 Movie Review: Take the music away and HATE STORY 3 will get even better!

 Hate Story 3
Director :  Vishal Pandya
Music :  Amaal Mallik
Lyrics :  Rashmi Virag, Kumaar, Manoj Muntashir and Shabbir Ahmed
Starring :  Karan Singh Grover, Sharman Joshi, Daisy Shah and Zareen Khan

December 4, 2015 2:23:26 PM IST
Hate Story 3 Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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HATE STORY 3 keeps up to the promise of the previous two editions. It is slick, has good performances and this one in particular ups the suspense element. In the first two editions [the first directed by Vivek Agnihotri and the second by Vishal Pandya who is also the director of this edition], a woman was the aggrieved party seeking revenge.


Here, it is a man and full marks to Vishal for keeping his narrative on the edge, never once allowing a guess to come true. His aggrieved party is always a mile ahead of the protagonist who thinks he has all ends covered.

Aditya Singh (Sharman Joshi) and his wife Siya (Zarine Khan) are shown inaugurating a hospital in memory of Aditya's brother, Vikram, who died in an air crash. The couple are madly in love. In fact, Siya was Vikram's girlfriend, and since she was pregnant with his child, Aditya marries her. He adored his brother, who he says, could do no wrong. He cites a time in his brother's childhood when he willingly donated part of his liver to his ailing friend. This, he says, is the reason for the hospital.

Out of the blue comes Saurav Singhania (Karan Singh Grover) in their lives with a bizarre request. He wants to spend a night with Siya! Since it is an obvious ''No'', he sets out to systematically bring Aditya's empire to its knees.

He starts by first, spiking his bottled drink plant, and then going onto his political contacts and finally bringing him to breaking point. Does he succeed in getting Siya for a night? And who is Saurav Singhania? That is a mystery which Pandya does well to reveal in the last scene.

All throughout the movie, Pandya captures scene after scene in style, only to be let down by sub-standard music and pathetic lyrics. For no rhyme or reason a song crops up belittling a powerful scene. And instead of building up from there, the director has to start all over again. Take away all the songs and this one will be an even better thriller!

Sharman Joshi is superb in his act. He brings in a dynamic angle to his personality, playing a role he has not enacted before. Moreover, his marries his style of delivering his dialogue to suit the character he plays. Karan Singh Grover is sincere in his effort as a man out for revenge. Zarine Khan as the docile wife and the object of desire lives up to the director's casting. She carries off her performance without a glitch.

HATE STORY 3 has kept the interest alive in this series.

 Hate Story 3 Review Rating : 
3/5 stars
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