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Director :
Starring :
 Guddu Dhanoa
 Tabu, Imran Khan, Avtar Gill, Grusha Kapoor, Mukesh Tiwari.

By Kshama Rao

Producer-director Guddu Dhanoa's horror film Hawa is mindless. Sanjana (Tabu) is a divorcee who comes to stay at this haunted bungalow (to reach where she has to cross a rickety bridge over a river) with her two daughters, younger brother Vicky (Imran Khan) and a dog, called Tramp. She runs her mother's antique shop in Manali. After her invalid stepfather's (Avtar Gill) death, who we are told was even responsible for sexually abusing her in her childhood. He was also the reason for her husband walking out on her.

Anyways, the very next morning, the family sees a part of the ground outside her bungalow charred by lightning. An old Tibetan woman gives Sanjana a pendant, which she insists will protect her. Sanjana promptly sells it off to a foreigner couple. On her way back home, she finds the old woman dead. From then on, Sanjana's tryst with an unseen spirit begins. Nocturnal visits by the sex-hungry spirit begin and Sanjana is repeatedly sexually assaulted. Weird things happen to her, like when she's gone jogging she finds her car waiting for her on the bridge and when she goes near it, it starts driving on its own (of course the spirit is at work which seems to be a very rash driver as the car keeps bumping everywhere). Amidst all this, the dog also starts behaving badly. So much madness I tell you all in the guise of horror.

Sanjana's childhood friend, Pooja (Grusha Kapoor) then sends her for a check-up to a psychiatrist, Dr Ali (Shahbaaz Khan). Obviously, Pooja thinks Sanjana is imagining things. The doctor feels probably it's her separation from her husband that's making her believe she's being sexually attacked - err, probably she has a split personality. The mayhem reaches a crescendo when the spirit attacks her brother and her two daughters, the younger one of which is even taken away by the spirit. Enters a parapsychologist (Mukesh Tiwari), a Bible-like book in his hand mumbling some spiritual jargon about fully satisfied aatmas blending into the golden light of the heaven and tadapti spirits hanging in-between. Finally he manages to solve Sanjana's problem and spare us of further ordeal.

It so happened that in the olden days in that hill, a group of tribals would burn their criminals alive in a pit. The night when lightning had struck, one of the spirits seemed to have escaped from that pit and caught fancy for Sanjana. So now it's left for Sanjana and her pendant (yes, apparently the foreigner couple were hounded by the Tibetan woman in their dreams asking them to give the pendant back to Sanjana - O Jesus!) to get her daughter who is suspended mid-air in the pit. After a spirited (no puns intended) fight with the bhatakti aatma, guess who brings back Sanjana's daughter - her father in an angel costume! Probably, that's his way of saying sorry for all that he did to her in her childhood!
There are several flaws in the film. Till the end, it's not known whose aatma it was and why was it assaulting only Sanjana and not any other person? Was the aatma of a sexual pervert? We do not know. The doctor in his long conversations with Sanjana tries to find out what the real cause is - like is it her paedophile step-father who is probably coming back for some more sexual accomplishments or is Sanjana missing her husband's physical proximity and therefore imagining it and other absurdities. All that ultimately leads to nowhere. Why does Sanjana sell off her house (we are told to make ends meet), which was anyways smaller than the huge bungalow she shifts into? Why can't she live in a hotel or even shift to another city? Last but not the least; pray what was that scene in which the parapsychologist mumbles some inane lines in English to vanquish the spirit?

Sutanu Gupta who's credited for the script of Hawa and producer director Guddu Dhanoa should have seen the film with aam janta which was making all sorts of lewd comments at all those sexual assault scenes. So much for making a bold film!

The only plus point is Tabu as Sanjana. One shudders to think which direction this hawa would have gone if it were not for her. HAWA-rible! Mr Dhanoa, simply not done.

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Hey! hawa was somewhat absurd,wierd,errie but on the whole i think acting of tabu was mindblowing...she acted like she was actualy experiencing the absurd things happening to her in reality ...but still its end wasn't capturing cuz'' it leaves a question behind that why that spirit was just behind the pity creature (tabu) like they haven''t linked it well to some incidence but i think it was upto the mark.
- Annie

I think it was a good movie but the climax was a joke.
- Akbar

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