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Heropanti Movie Review: Tiger Shroff's successful product launch

Director :  Sabbir Khan
Music :  Sajid-Wajid, Mustafa Zahid, Bilal Saad and DJ Angel
Lyrics :  Kausar Munir, Raftaar, Mustafa Zahid and Bilal Saad
Starring :  Tiger Shroff, Kirti Sanon, Sandeepa Dhar and Vikram Singh

May 23, 2014 10:54:43 AM IST
updated March 9, 2015 4:08:42 PM IST
Heropanti Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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HEROPANTI is a product launch of Tiger Shroff, son of actor Jackie Shroff. Viewed in this perspective, it's 'Mission Successful'. The product per say is packaged well, keeping the core competency of the main ingredient in mind.

view HEROPANTI posters
view HEROPANTI posters

Tiger leaps, fights, dances and emotes well. He is a bit stiff, but considering this is his first outing, I am sure he will shake off that malaise in films to come. Does he qualify for the race in the years to come? Of course, and he will be a top contender at that.

Tiger has a good screen presence and confidence which is not overbearing. He carries the hopes of his parents and his own as well, with a fine mix of maturity and a 'theek hai' bindaas attitude, just like his dad. His agility is amazing. What I was looking for was a parallel between him and Vidyut Jamwal. And although Jamwal is streets ahead it would still be good to watch the two together in an action flick.


Their combination of martial arts, gymnastics and kalaripayattu will be a heady cocktail to watch on screen. Maybe Sajid Nadiadwala can think on those lines.

As a film, HEROPANTI is a disaster. It looks good and has a good line-up of character actors. But sadly the script flounders from the beginning. If it has any semblance of sanity it is thanks to these support actors that prop the falling plot. The entire clan headed by Prakash Raj, who go bang, bang with the slightest of provocation hold their own, in their own bizarre fashion.

Bablu (Tiger Shroff) along with his friends is abducted by Prakash Raj and his goons when his eldest daughter runs away with one of his friends during her marriage ceremony. In this family falling in love means courting certain death. Bablu knows where his friend is but won't speak. Holed in their house, he plans an escape with his friends. But before he can board a running train to freedom, he chances upon Dimpy (Kriti Sanon), the girl who he fell in love with on a street in a flashback, and whose earring he has with him.

Then begins the madness of a love story coupled with lots of violence and a mild dose of humour. Suddenly, out of nowhere you find yourself treated to a song, then another and another. Song days are over Sabbir Khan, meaty plot is what is the need of the hour.


The surprise of the pack is newcomer Kriti Sanon. This girl gives a balanced performance and is good-looking as well. She carries off every scene with ease and in fact overshadows Tiger at times. No mean feat considering that this is his product launch.

Welcome aboard, Kriti, Tiger. May your tribe increase.

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2/ 5 stars
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