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Hey Bro Movie Review: A demeaning script

 Hey Bro
Director :  Ajay Chandhok
Music :  Nitz N Sony
Lyrics :  Pranav Vatsa
Starring :  Ganesh Acharya, Maninder Singh, Nupur Sharma, Hanif Hilal, Mahie Gill and Prem Chopra

March 7, 2015 12:34:36 PM IST
Hey Bro Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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Coming in bit roles is not enough for choreographer Ganesh Acharya. Like singer Himmesh Reshammiya, he also wants to act as a hero in a movie.


That's the tragedy when people take their proximity to the industry as something like 'baap ka raaj'. I'm a choreographer, so now I will act. Or, I'm a singer, what stops me from playing the lead? This seems to be the thinking of those firmly entrenched in the industry.

Nothing wrong with wanting to act Bro. By all means act if you do have the talent. But if your talent is in other fields, exploit that instead of making a fool of yourself doing something that is not meant for you.

HEY BRO is about two twins who have been separated because of the infighting between the parents. One lives in Jaipur while the other in Mumbai. The one in Jaipur is huge, yes you guessed right; he is Acharya Sir. The one in Mumbai flaunts a six-pack.

There is also a bad man who goes by the name of Baba. Between Baba (Hanif Hilal), Gopi (Acharya Sir) and Shiv (Maninder Singh) we have some ridiculous scenes that will eventually help the estranged brothers meet and the mother to shed some copious tears. We also have Prem Chopra who is made to mouth his famous dialogue, ''Mein woh sheesha hoon....''

Really, Mr. Chopra; how can you allow yourself to be subjected to such demeaning script?

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0.5/ 5 stars

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