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Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Vikram Bhatt
 Anu Malik
 Rahat Indori, Parveen Bhardwaj, Dev Kohli
 Ashmit Patel, Nauheed Cyrusi, Vidya Malavade

By Vidya Sampat

The family of Bhatts comprising, Mahesh, Mukesh, Vikram seem to be obsessed with mysterious happenings, blood, infidelity, darkness, smog, fire, cemetery, shrieks, etc., Even their latest offering Inteha is not spared of all these masalas.

In a small town Koti, Nandini (Vidya Mallavde) arrives to look after his step-sister-cum-brat Tina (Nauheed Cyrusi), who abhors her. Nandini even rejects her boyfriend to take care of Tina (so that she can eye to eye to her dead father). Enter Ranbir (Ashmit Patel), who claims to be madly in love with Tina and manages to convince her about it. Somehow, elder sis does not approve of Ranbir, but is helpless before her kid sister. In a bid to try to find out about Ranbir's past Nandini stumbles upon his gory past and shady dealings, including a marrying and murdering spree. Meantime, Ranbir is successful in eliminating everyone who tries to unravel his past, except Nandini. After Nandini declares to go out of Tina's life, Ranbir marries Tina and is on the verge of eliminating her in his previous styles, when Nandini enters and manages to save her sister, but not before Tina herself kills Ranbir.

The three protagonists who incidentally are all debutants have done their bit, well enough. The breath taking green tea gardens and scenic beauty of Ooty has been well captured by cinematographer Pravin Bhatt. Anu Malik's score is passable. Although worth listening is 'humsafar chahiye', 'dhalne lagi hai raat'.
Surprising is the fact that a serious film like this should invoke laughter from the audience, in a scene, where Tina disagrees for a sexual relation before marriage. Prior to this, the song diwana dil... shows the two lovers to be doing everything short of getting out of their clothes. Also, some loose ends have been left, like, why does Ranbir marry rich girls and killing them on the nuptial night itself? Is he out of his mind? Or does he have some mental disease against married life? Also, in the end the viewer fails to understand as to how did Tina realize her folly of marrying a murderer, especially, since in the entire film, she always considered her elder sister to be against her happiness.

Although, the film manages to hold on the viewer in the first half, the second half is predictable, thus making it yet another film, that could be left out for your weekend Diwali bash, unless of course you want to go through the rigours of brat behaviour, horrendous but typical way of committing murders, a sadist character who seems to be unsettling in life, and the Bhatt artists who represent the modern lifestyle.

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