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Ishkq In Paris Movie Review : Preity Zinta misses the Bus!

 Ishkq In Paris
Director :  Prem Raj
Music :  Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics :  Priya Panchal, Prasoon Joshi, Kausar Munir, Kumaar, Jalees Sherwani
Starring :  Preity Zinta, Rhehan Malliek and Isabelle Adjani

May 24, 2013 07:53:49 PM IST
updated May 24, 2013 08:00:54 PM IST
By Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
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When was the last time when one had a character named Ishkq in a film? Well it is in ISHKQ IN PARIS where Preity Zinta who has also produced the film, has named her character ISHKQ, perhaps to invoke the element of nostalgia that the film viewing public has in mind for her by virtue of the romantic and unconventional tomes that she has acted in past. But ISHKQ IN PARIS is not able to utilize the opportunity of becoming an ode to love in the modern times, though it has been shot in Paris, the epitome of love.

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Directed by Prem Raj, who had earlier directed Salman Khan starrer MAIN AURR MRS KHANNA, when he was known as Prem Soni, while the lead player now known as Rhehan Malliek was earlier known as Gaurav Channa and was seen in KAJRAARE made by Himesh Reshammiya. One does not know whether by changing the names they were hoping that charm of Preity Zinta would work for them, but in reality it does not seem to be. As a matter of fact the infectiousness that Preity Zinta still has, for her character in the film is not matched with same intensity by Gaurav Channa.

ISHKQ IN PARIS in essence is the story of two strangers, who are single, attractive, least inclined to commit and the night that they spent together in Paris and its aftermath. They meander through the romantic landscape of Paris throughout the night trying to search for the elusive good time, eventually veneering to the view that they would not meet again ever in life.

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Preity Zinta as Ishkq is as vivacious and bubbly as she used to be, and as she has portrayed characters earlier, in IIP as well, she leverages her vivacity as a performer to force Akaash (Rhehan Malliek) to start eating out of her hands. IIP has captured the landscape of Paris rather evocatively, but never stepping out to become a documentary on the city, rather merging the landscape along with the love story. One scene that stands out is the moment when all the lights of the Eiffel Tower illuminate and underline the deft camera work done by Manush Nandan. The major drawback of ISHKQ IN PARIS perhaps lies in its inability to explain the reason in the story which forced Preity Zinta into commitment phobic, as the argument in the form of one flimsy story to buttress it does not sound convincing. In the same manner how Akaash falls for Ishkq is also hazy and being positioned as a rom-com this aspect needed to be dealt with some detail.

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view ISHKQ IN PARIS posters

As a matter of fact this is the primary weakness of the script, more so in the second half which keeps on stretching that makes it trifle difficult to hold the attention on the screen. Salman Khan in guest appearance immediately brings wolf whistles from the audience and underlines the fact that indeed, Salman is 'the' king of box office. ISHKQ IN PARIS also has the iconic French actress Isabelle Adjani, who is more in the role of a sutradhar and she has not been allowed to do justice to her talent. In fact Adjani in the role of a mother seems rather perplexed and so does Shekhar Kapoor in his (blink-and-you-miss) cameo as Ishkq's father.

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ISHKQ IN PARIS which was supposed to be released along with ENGLISH VINGLISH indeed is a film that tries to encapsulate what kind of image Preity Zinta has been able to cultivate among her fans, over a period of time, and for her fans it indeed is a remembrance of vivaciousness that she embodies. Sadly enough, the vivaciousness is there, but age has caught on in terms of change in body contours for Preity Zinta, but she is able to camouflage it with her vivaciousness. Were the storyline be tight, then it could have been a good comeback film for Preity Zinta, but it is not to be.

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