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ISHQ FOREVER Movie Review: This Ishq, Never!

 Ishq Forever
Director :  Sameer sippy
Music :  Nadeem Saifi
Lyrics :  Sameer
Starring :  Krishna Chaturvedi, Ruhi Singh, Lisa Ray, Javed Jaffrey, Chetan Pandit, Zakir Husain, Arif Zakaria and Raza Murad

February 19, 2016 10:52:02 AM IST
Ishq Forever Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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First I will introduce you to the cast of the film.

There's Lisa Ray and Jaaved Jafferi. Theirs is a love story interspersed within the main love story. Somehow, as a viewer, you are interested more in them than in those two; those two meaning Krishna Chaturvedi and Ruhi Singh.

There's also Chetan Pandit and his wife Sonal Jha. That's another love story. We also have Arif Zakaria (a fine actor reduced to doing buffoonery here) along with his sidekick. They too have a love story.


I guess that could be the reason why this movie was named ISHQ FOREVER... There's constant Ishq on screen.

Lisa Ray lives in South Africa and she is given the task of taking care of Ruhi Singh, living by herself in a huge house. Her father Chetan Pandit has surprised the nation (India) by winning the elections and becoming the next Prime Minister.

Somewhere in Kabul, Khalistan, Afghanistan or our very own filmistan studio, there is Zakir Husain (another fine actor reduced to doing buffoonery here) and Raza Murad (another fine actor...) wanting to kidnap Ruhi to take revenge on India. They are supposedly militants.

With a brat like Ruhi who does not know the seriousness of life, it would have been child's play to kidnap her even with 24x7 security. However, director Sameer Sippy, making his debut, takes two hours. In between he entertains us to beautiful South Africa and some insipid scenes which Jaffrey saab (Jaaved) and Ray madam (Lisa) would be wondering what it was all about, if they ever venture to see the full film.

Here are a few scenes that I'm still trying to make sense of:

  • One guy at a picnic spot (Ruhi is this free-spirited girl who wants her independence) inches closer to her and tells her he has a tent which she can share. She agrees. The guy with her, Krishna, is jealous. Next, they break into a song and the guy who invited her in the tent is playing a box guitar and his fingers are flying on the top three strings (bass strings) and he plays the lead!

  • Then Jaaved and Krishna fight on the branch of a tree. It's a big banyan tree. Krishna falls flat on his back, from almost 20 feet high. Nothing happens! He is back on his feet and is trading punches once again.

  • One cop (from South Africa) has his gun aimed at Krishna from his left side while Jaaved has it from the front. However, Jaaved cannot shoot since Ruhi comes in the way. Krishna escapes. The guy to the left with a clear aim keeps holding his gun!
Krishna as an acting prospect is good. He gives a decent performance and might end up with a few roles. Ruhi is stuck in one mold all throughout. Chetan Pandit as the PM has no much work to do for the nation while his wife resembles a character from a saas bahu serial. Zakir Husain, Arif Zakaria, Raza Murad and Jaaved Jafferi, I'm sure are getting no scripts to read.

BTW, I'm sorry if you did not understand the story. Neither did I!


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