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 Jigyaasa - Woman On The Top
Director :
Music :
Starring :
 Faisal Saif
 Ram Shankar
 Hrishitta Bhatt, Jaya Bhattacharya, Kader Khan, Vikas Kalantri

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Jigyaasa - Woman On The TopDirector Faisal Saif's film JIGYAASA - WOMAN ON THE TOP is a bitter reflection of the film industry. As the name suggests it answers to the curiosity raised for the glamour industry. It is a tapestry of incidences linked to narrate the life of a middle-class girl who aspires to be a superstar, portrayed by Hrishitta Bhatt. The story is narrated by the characters, who come across her life while building her stance in glamour realm. Likewise many other films, Jigyaasa has depicted the black canvas of the film industry.

The film opens with the Ambulance howling, soon it is learned that the famous actress Jigyaasa has committed suicide. This further creates the curiosity among the audience to know the reason for which she took such a decision. Even her death becomes a selling meal for every one be it film stars or the media itself. Being over concerned about her death, Neha (Jaya Bhattacharya) a journalist desires to make a documentary on the life of Superstar Jigyaasa.

To dig out the true story of Jigyaasa she gets in touch with the people who were directly connected to her either professionally or personally. Neha manages to convince Jigyaasa's good old friend to help her out to get the inside story of the industry through the life of Jigyaasa. And soon her life is described by her mother, her best friend and business manager.

Jigyaasa - Woman On The TopJigyaasa is a middle-class girl who aspires to be superstar by any means. For which she sleeps with many filmmakers, including lesbian director, underworld goon; moreover she becomes so desperate to reach the top that she even arranges an aspirant male model for a gay activist and organizer of the State Award (Rakesh Bedi) so that in turn she can get the award of Best Actress. Later, she indulges into addiction of drugs as well as of stardom.

The film displays the stale steam of the film industry by featuring casting couch, media tricks, politics, underworld finance and many other. Unfortunately, the film ends in a very disappointing manner, which fizzes off the urge to know about Jigyaasa. The overall performance by Hrishitta Bhatt has done justice to the character, while Varsha Usgaonkar is average and the actor Vikas Kalantri needs to work on his mellow acting. Performance by Kader Khan and Jaya Bhattacharya was as usual quite impulsive.

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