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Keymon And Nani In Space Adventure Movie Review

 Keymon And Nani In Space Adventure
Director :  Nickelodeon & DQE
Starring :  (Voiceover) Keymon - Brian D'Costa

November 9, 2012 05:11:30 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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Though just 136 minutes in length, KEYMON AND NANI IN SPACE ADVENTURE appears an hour long!

The story is bleak and weak.


Keymon is a magical creature capable of bringing inanimate things to life. His best friend is Rohan, an average student, who is on a holiday to Goa to visit his Nani. Incidentally, though holidays are much looked forward to, Rohan dreads this one as his Nani is not too fond of him and she is someone to be feared. This is what he tells his friend Keymon. The magical buddy however, is sure he will bring Rohan's Nani around with his antics.

Their adventure begins as soon as the train pulls off from Dadar station in Mumbai on its journey to Goa. With boulders blocking the tunnel, Keymon gets the train to fly in the air bringing it to an aircraft-like landing at Margao station in Goa. At the station, Nani is nowhere to be seen. Rohan is worried but Keymon converts their suitcase into a car with wheels. The address is Bardez Goa! No name of village. It's like saying Mumbai, Maharashtra! However, Keymon finds the place.

After the initial run-in with Nani, these two soon strike a rapport with the old lady who takes them out on a picnic after breaking into a song and dance. As they camp at night, Nani is kidnapped by Aliens. Soon Rohan and Keymon fly into space to rescue their much-loved Nani.

The plot in space is another convoluted affair.

The drawback of the film is that no character stands out; every one is trying to fit in and that is what brings the film down. Also, the colours are to bright and unreal; there is no warmth to any of the scenes. And even though Usha Uthup lends her vibrant voice, no songs have that 'Uthup Appeal'.

Visually, the creative team could have done wonders. The aliens are flat and unappealing, not that aliens look gorgeous. But there is no real 'creative touch' to these characters. It's like a simple drawing which has been animated.

Kids being kids, I'm sure will find no fault in this one. With Children's Day round the corner, this would not be a bad outing for kids.

Rating: 2.0

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