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Kill Dil Movie Review: Ranveer, Parineeti & Ali do good job in this 'script-less' film

 Kill Dil
Director :  Shaad Ali
Music :  Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Lyrics :  Gulzar
Starring :  Govinda, Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra and Ali Zafar

November 14, 2014 2:21:42 PM IST
updated March 9, 2015 3:10:20 PM IST
Kill Dil Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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On Children's Day, a movie to fool the adults! Actually, come to think of it, it could have been a child who wrote this script! Had that been the case, we could have given this film a standing ovation.

download KILL DIL wallpapers
download KILL DIL wallpapers

But Alas! It is some adult who has put this film together.

Bhaiyaji (Govinda) is supposedly a goon. He chances upon two infants near a garbage bin. He picks them up, takes them home and nurtures them. Instead of giving them a pencil, he gives them a gun. So Dev (Ranveer Singh) and Tutu (Ali Zafar) go about killing people without any qualms when they grow up. It is as though they are eating idli-dosa at an udipi restaurant.

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But the biggest joke is that they roam around freely in Delhi, even though they don't wear a mask whilst killing.

Then one day they run into Disha (Parineeti Chopra) at a night club and Dev and Disha fall in love. Bhaiyaji is angry. How can Dev fall in love? And who will do his killing? So Dev has to pretend he is still the bad man when he is around Bhaiyaji and a good man when he is with Disha.

While Dev now refuses to pull the trigger, Tutu does the killing. But then Bhaiyaji is a big don, he is no fool. He is bound to find out the truth.

In between killing and romance there are a lot many songs to keep you interested in the goings-on. But the movie per say is going nowhere.

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It's stylish; Parineeti Chopra looks like a million bucks and both the dudes do a good job as male models, but it is not enough to keep you interested in this 'script less' film.

It looks like scenes from GUNDAY which were edited, or which may not have been shot, have been used here with different actors.

One thing is sure; it will kill your dil and dimaag. Enter at your own risk.

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