Kung Fu Yoga
Director : Stanley Tong
Music : Nathan Wang and Komail-Shivaan
Lyrics : Rossh
Starring : Jackie Chan, Sonu Sood, Disha Patani and Amyra Dastur

February 3, 2017 10:41:01 AM IST
Kung Fu Yoga Review By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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Huanying (welcome in Chinese), a move over Khan and Sultan of Bollywood, the great Asian Chan apna Jackie Chan is in India with this archaeological adventure set in Tibet, Dubai, and India titled KUNG FU YOGA.. Kya Entertainment Hoga?. Let's 'chow mein' (find) this out.


Remember Akbar Khan (brother of Feroz Khan) 1983 action flick HAADSA (meaning accident), it 'accidently' had a song celebrating the goodness of yoga in and the lyrics goes like 'Jaise Chaaho Badan Tumhaara Hoga, Y O G A Karo Yoga Yoga, Yoga Yoga Yoga''. If you believed this epic Indo Chinese co-production reportedly the one amongst the three Indo - Chinese projects commissioned during Chinese President's visit to India in 2015 will have a funny and entertaining tussle between Indian Yoga and Chinese martial arts ala the outstandingly mind-blowing KUNG FU HUSTLE way then stay away, The Stanley Young directed KUNG FU YOGA has minimum to offer in this front and its amazingly dumb for the dumb.

If you are interested in knowing the story of this touted Indo - Chinese co-production glory then writer director Stanley Tong's convincingly pointless saga ping pongs from China 's haka noodles to Dubai's Shawarma to Rajasthan's Daal Batti Churma. Its circa 647 A.D where Jackie Chan is seen in a motion capture as real historical Chinese warrior Wang Xuance battling with the traitor of Magadha (it's actually Magadh and its in Bihar not in Rajasthan) general Arunasva. The fight sequence is an unintentional parody to India's BAAHUBALI and on his way to China to get reinforcements, Wang gets lost in Tibet due to an avalanche and fails to reach Gen. Bhima - the escort sent by Princess Gitajani.

Its present day and we see Jackie Chan repeating his role of an archaeologist Jack similar to Tong's last film THE MYTH (2005) which also starred Bollywood hottie Mallika Sherawat but thankfully it's not about reincarnation. In a development, Professor Ashmita (Disha Patani) and her assistant, Kyra (Amyra Dastur), visit Jack in China asking his help to locate the lost treasures carried by Bhima and his troops, who got swept away by the avalanche and couldn't reach Wang Xuance.

Jack forms a team that consists of a treasure hunter Jones (Aarif Lee Rahman), an oil drilling expert Jianhua (Eric Tsang) to join their expedition to the Kunlun Mountains at the Indo-Tibetan border. Soon after a weird sequence where Jack and his team scare the wolfs they find the cave where Bhima's army took shelter and enters Randall (Sonu Sood) who turns out to be the descendant of the traitor Arunasva clang. Still no traces of the ancient Indian yoga, so here you go. When Randall arrives with his team of firangi baddies to seize the treasure that he believes belongs to him. Jack and his team after a fight are defeated and tied up but not before the 'key' to the treasure get stolen, Ashmita gives some gyan on the ''fetal breath-holding technique'' in Yoga for their rescue and that's the only point when yoga comes in this picture after the title.

What follows is a mish mash of all buffoonery that turns into an intentional and unintentional parody on HANGOVER (The Lion in the car) in that well shot car chase in Dubai where Jack, Randall and co are after the 'key' that is getting auctioned. The Indiana Jones moment in India when Jack, Randall and co enter the temple in Rajasthan in their treasure hunt and what follows is a Farah Khan choreographed Bollywood style dance number where the Asian icon Jackie Chan shows his dance moves and kicks all the logics out of the Himalayas surpassing the great Wall of China.

Tong's adventure goes wrong and as the reel pass by, we start laughing at it rather than laughing with it. BTW, the movie has something for the likes of Sajid Khan. But Seriously, when Jackie Chan placed that 'key' - a golden key embedded by a rare gemstone in the temple in Rajasthan and said, '' I love Indiana Jones' I got petrified by the amount of talent, money and potential this touted Indo Chinese adventure has wasted. Justifying the reason why Viacom 18 backed out of this may be they have smelled the coffee much earlier. Picture this - an Asian icon like Jackie Chan, a subject that can glorify the ancient Indian and Chinese art, adventure, action, mythology, mystery and Bollywood music designed to please the entertainment hungry souls of both India, China and round the globe, an Indo Chinese series similar to Indiana Jones could have been made but alas it's such a waste.

Jackie Chan's exuberance and unmatched energy at the age of 62 is commendable to the highest level and here we see his dance moves too and the master is just terrific. Sonu Sood can thank his stars for sharing space with Jackie Chan and that's the benefit of becoming a producer erstwhile it would have remained a dream.

Disha Patani looks pretty and has a meaty role. Amyra Dastur looks beautiful and has her moments.

Chinese comedian Zhang Guoli is strictly okay while Aarif Lee Rahman and Eric Tsang do their part with sincerity.

Technically polished, Horace Wong lenses give a postcard feel. Tong, Chan stunts are crowd pleasing.

Apart from the funny use of cobras that was unnecessary plus the political statement made by Asmita during her introduction to Jack, KUNG FU YOGA takes the audience for a ride. Sonu Sood's palace where he pets Lions and Hyenas is said to be in Rajasthan but actually it seems to be shot in Dubai.

And last but not the least; the movie is predominately designed to please Jackie Chan's fans in China and other Asian countries. Chang has a huge following in India and probably he is next to the legendary Bruce Lee for martial arts aficionados in this part of the world, the scene where Aarif Lee Rahman and Dastur are caged surrounded by Hyenas around, my first encounter with Jackie Chan in THE FEARLESS HYENA (1979) strangely flashed in my mind and I started wondering when will this end and when the same Jackie Chan danced to Farah Khan's tunes I was still puzzled whether to say OM ( thanks that it has finally ended) or kick my feet in the air in despair ( I used to do that in my childhood feeling happy after watching Bruce lee and Jackie Chan's flicks).

 Kung Fu Yoga Review Rating : 
2/5 stars
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