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 Kya Love Story Hai
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Lovely Singh
 Pritam Chakraborty
 Shabbir Ahmed
 Tusshar Kapoor, Ayesha Takia, Kareena Kapoor, Karan Hukku.

By Martin DíSouza, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

This apparently is the maiden flick of one Lovely Singh. Lovely name, (no pun intended), bakwas movie! Címon, Lovely puttar, Indian cinema is progressing; the movies are getting smarter and better and the audience is spoilt for a choice. Then, why a movie like this yaar, which has no head, tail nor middle?

Download Kya Love Story Hai Wallpapers

Download KYA LOVE STORY HAI Wallpapers

The age of Ďleave-your-brain-behindí movies are long gone and forgotten, then why are you bent on reliving the past Indian cinema wants to forget? We have younger directors with fresh ideas and even younger actors, some of who have untapped potential. Moreover, in the recent past, Bollywood has seen movies that far surpass Indian standards. And after watching movies like WATER, EKLAVYA Ė The Royal Guard, BLACK FRIDAY and THE NAMESAKE, to name a few, did you really think his movie of yours had a ghost of a chance? Or were you thinking at all when filming this movie in scenic South Africa? That reminds me, was there a need to shoot the film there? It could have been shot at Currey Road!

And just what are you trying to portray with those two buffoons who go after anything in a skirt? I mean, girls are not that dumb, you see. And those two blokes cannot even act. This sort of humour is best enjoyed in school, not in a theatre. And those two Africans??? Man, get real!

Download Kya Love Story Hai Wallpapers

Download KYA LOVE STORY HAI Wallpapers

Jeetendra hung his white shoes a decade ago, and I donít think anyone can fit in those shoes, let alone dance in them. Not even his son Tushhar. He simply does not have half the rhythm in his body his father had. So save those white shoes. If you have a role for Jeetu in the future, try getting him to put them on!! Iím sure even he will refuse.

And Pritam, is that music really yours? I mean, arenít you the guy who gave us that monster hit, from DHOOM, Dhoom Macha Le??? Then why is your music like a constant hammering on the brain, with no rhyme (read lyrics) nor rhythm?

Ayesha, you have progressed with DOR, isnít it? Then why go back in time?? Iím sure you will like to forget this movie in a hurry. Or was the paid holiday to Robin Island too good to turn down???

And you dear reader, Iím sure you get the drift. Doní let anyone spoil your Lovely day!

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