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M CREAM Movie Review: Ah.. woh Hasish ki Kasish!

 M Cream
Director :  Agneya Singh and Aban Raza
Music :  Nikhil Malik, Srijan Mahajan and Arsh Sharma
Starring :  Auritra Ghosh, Ira Dubey, Imaad Shah, Raghav Chanana, Beatrice Ordeix, Tom Alter and Barry John

July 23, 2016 1:03:36 PM IST
M Cream Review By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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Ah.. who Hashish ki kashish (search for the mythic grass) that failed in giving the desired 'fix'.

NFU graduate Agneya Singh's first feature - M CREAM may voice itself as India's first stoner movie but the indie nature of this road trip is a bafflingly uneven with less 'high's and more 'low's.


The director who wishes the movie may trigger a debate on legalizing marijuana in India in reality shows a group of four pseudo-intellectual Indians from Delhi in the film off to explore the Himalayas for a mythical ''Hashish'' (grass) called M Cream. They travel from Delhi to Dharmasala and beyond, but fail to achieve the 'high' either from their trip or the mystic grass that they couldn't find.

Writer director Agneya Singh opens the film with a roaming camera capturing a rave party on the outskirts of Delhi. In the midst of cigarettes, drugs, booze and sex we are introduced to ''Figs,'' short for Figaro (Imaad Shah) - uncanny resemblance to James Franco if he had a reggae singer locks strikes the chord of a down to earth cool dude. Figs friend Maggie (Auritra Ghosh) is dating a 'working class' photographer Niz (Raghav Chanana), an anti-establishment college student Jay (Ira Dubey) joins them and they explore the picturesque Himalayas for that mythic grass that can give them the 'nirvana'.

They meet a hippie Vishnu Das (Barry John) and get exposed to LSD but the mythic drug is not found nor does the consciousness of the four appear to be getting any solace in this stoner road trip that bafflingly goes indie and loses the effect.

Agneya Singh's ambition in telling so many things in just one film - love, freedom, revolution, sex, drugs, alcohol, hippie and life goes haywire and ends nowhere.

All is happening without a point after a point in M CREAM -trance music, guitar strings, some nudity, some sex, some gyan on what's right and the passion to stand by what you feel is right, all gets spoon -fed in this road trip that loses its religion (read premise/concept) and the audience connect with the four youths.

Imaad Shah is cool and it's a pleasure to find a well read youth quoting from Tagore to Seth and remains a care free dude who rebels without a cause.

Ira Dubey is fine, Auritra Ghosh is okay, Raaghav Chanana is passable. Other cast Tom Alter, Lushin Dubey, Tenzin Woeser, Barry John and Beatrice Ordeix are fine.

Beyond some festival recognition for being an indie M CREAM at the most can put a fleeting smile to the hip-hop junkies for the rest the 'Doors' remain close.

Agneya Singh had an opportunity to make this a 'pucca' (real) first Indian stoner - the opportunity the makers of GO GOA GONE missed. Though I am not a big fan of stoner genre but certainly movies like the Cohen Brothers - THE BIG LEBOWSKI and the crazy HAROLD AND KUMAR series have given a certain 'high'.

But here I missed that 'kick' baby in this road picnic.

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1.5/5 stars
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