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Main Aur Mr. Riight Movie Review: Barun Sobti is a riot & deserves standing ovation; Shenaz is also impressive

 Main Aur Mr. Riight
Director :  Adeeb Rais
Music :  Bappi Lahiri
Lyrics :  Shibani Kashyap, Hans Raj Hans and Anjaan
Starring :  Varun Khandelwal, Danny Saru, Shenaz Treasuryvala, Barun Sobti, Kavi Shastri, Maia Sethna, Anagha Mane and Neha Gosain

December 12, 2014 1:34:15 PM IST
updated March 9, 2015 10:20:01 AM IST
Main Aur Mr. Riight Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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Salman bhai ki kasam, if any film deserves to cross the Rs 100 crore mark it is MAIN AUR MR RIIGHT. These were my thoughts exactly as the film was at the interval stage. You walk out with a smile on your face at being entertained at such an energetic pace.

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Giving credence to these thoughts is Barun Sobti who socks you with his genius as Sukhwinder Singh, a wannabe star who lands up at an auditioning agency in Mumbai and ends up with a role he would rather not play. This guy deserves a standing ovation.

Giving him company and matching him in every scene is Shenaz Treasuryvala who plays Alia, the boss at the agency who is caught up with the demands of those wanting to make it, as well as her friends who want her to get hooked.

Now Alia has a problem, she is this perfectionist who wants no flaw in her surroundings. How much more will she want in her man?

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Pressurized by her friends (three couples; one engaged, one married and one in love) Alia decides to get herself a boyfriend. She chances upon a photograph on her table and decides that she will ask him to be her boyfriend for two weeks to silence her friends. But looks can be deceptive; what she sees in the photograph is not who she meets in person.

Sukhi is this brash, loud mouth wannabe star from Punjab and a huge Salman Khan fan. He even sports his TERE NAAM look. He is lured with a role in an upcoming film to play the role of her boyfriend by Alia. But Alia has lots to do before Sukhi can be turned into Hridhaan a US-returned hunk. She has to work on his looks and mannerisms.

When Hridhaan is finally presented to her friends, he floors them with his ready wit, charm and insight into daily life. Barun Sobti is a riot. Flitting between the characters of Sukhi and Hridhaan, Sobti displays rare genius that has to be inborn. The times when he accidently slips into the Sukhi mode, when playing Hridhaan is something to watch out for. His eye-contact, body movements and dialogue delivery is a lesson in motion. You can't get your eyes off the screen when he is out there.

Shenaz is not far behind. Flimsy, demanding, arrogant, yet pleasant, she charms with all the moods bringing to life Alia and her demons within. Impressive.


Will Alia and her friends have a change in their outlook on life once Sukhi aka Hridhaan walks away? That's the moot question post-interval and that is where the 20-something director Adeeb Rais falls into the usual Bollywood trap of undoing all the good work with unnecessary lengthening of scenes that should have been knocked off on the editing table and introducing scenes that should not have been.

But Rais does manage to salvage the second half to some extent with some neat twists and it is thanks in the main to the Sobti-Shenaz pair who bring things to a pass with their electrifying performance. The chemistry between the two is raw and real even though their characters are as different as chalk and cheese.

MAIN AUR MR RIIGHT has the look and feel of QUEEN-raw and refreshing. If not for the second half aberrations, it would have been a money-spinner, too.

Having said that, this film will go down well with the younger generation as it addresses the constant need of finding Mr. Right!

 Main Aur Mr. Riight Review Rating : 
3/ 5 stars
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