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Maximum Movie Review

Director :  Kabeer Kaushik
Music :  Amjad-Nadeem
Lyrics :  Shabbir Ahmed
Starring :  Naseeruddin Shah, Sonu Sood, Neha Dhupia, Amit Sadh, Arya Babbar, Anjana Sukhani , Vinay Pathak

June 29, 2012 11:53:39 AM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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MAXIMUM is the story of two encounter specialists wanting to complete domain of the shootout territory. At least that is what I gather from the little that I am able to grasp of Kabir Kaushik's latest cop caper, set in the year 2003, which culminates in 2008. The director focuses only on style and loses out on substance.

The story is told at staccato pace, between gun shots. The encounter specialists, we are given to understand, have fallen apart after once working together. Pratap Pandit (Sonu Sood) is the younger one with lots of style and a networking that runs deep within the system. Arun Inamdar (Naseeruddin Shah) is now an ageing ATS (Anti Terrorist Squad) police officer. Apparently he is jealous of Pandit's style of functioning and his growing popularity within the department. Both begin gunning down each other's informers in and out of prison walls. Before you know it, Pandit is implicated in some bureaucratic mess because he is not willing to bow down to some 'builder request'.

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Strange, but he is still within the system and after five years wins the case and is back with a vengeance. Things take a new twist and he resumes his bang, bang, bang mode of operation. Inamdar, on the other hand is not too pleased with this latest development. He tries to cut short Pandit's career yet again. This time using a different bait.

What's nice about the film is that it is good to look at. What's annoying is that there is no semblance of sanity in the proceedings. There is a TV reporter who is perennially stuck to Pandit. I know crime reporters have their networking for juicy stories within the underworld, but nowhere will you see a reporter networking with just one cop.

download MAXIMUM wallpapers
download MAXIMUM wallpapers
Supriya (Neha Dhupia), Pandit's wife, is always in the kitchen or at home and Naseeruddin Shah has just four-and-a-half dialogues. The rest of the time he is just 'looking' into the camera, giving that perfectly-angled shot that will convey the mood to the audience.

What this movie will do is give Maximum mileage to Sonu Sood for whom this is a solo vehicle. The actor does a damn good job. This guy has screen presence and talent. Another talented actor who is being reduced to doing bit roles is Arya Babbar. Completely wasted in an inconsequential role.

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Actually, there are lots of loopholes in MAXIMUM. The intent was to make a slick cop caper. Sadly, nothing works, not even the item number. Hazel Keech's outfit needed better tailoring.

In short, it's collateral damage!

Ratings - 1/5

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