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Starring :
 M. F. Husain
 A. R. Rahman
 Rahat Indori
 Tabu, Raguvir Yadav, Kunnal Kapoor.

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The masses could not decipher the essence of the movie or what its thematic concerns were. Critics have varied opinions and its no personal attack on anyone. However, Meenaxi cannot be discarded as a movie with only rich visuals. Meenaxi is one film that has pleased the senses after a very long time. And full credit must be given to the director and his son for their intelligence, and for a well-written, original script. A man haunted by his creativity, is in search of a story that is unconventional and different.

Raghuvir Yadav as Nawab, the famous Hyderabadi novelist, is challenged by his own creativity. In search of a new character, he hallucinates and talks to his muse" Meenaxi". She follows him in his waking thoughts, in his sleep, in his dreams. She wont let him rest in peace till he writes a book on her and her character. She even comes between him and his thoughts. Nawab finds it difficult to cope with reality and he fringes on the border of madness. Obsession consumes him whole. And he loses all control.

Dearth of originality has hit the author hard, and he seeks inspiration from the common masses. A mechanic who repairs his car inspires him and he becomes the hero of the novel, lover to Meenaxi and Kaameshwar to the audience. As an author, his story follows an uncertain path. Be it the love affair between Meenaxi and Kaameshwar or his own love for Meenaxi.
Tabu dons a new avatar in the film. Simplicity is what describes Tabu best. From her colourful outfits, to her Hyderabadi accent, she has always been worth your money and time. Kunnal Kapoor, with his strong voice and unconventional looks, adds weightage to the film. His performance compliments the film. Raghuvir Yadav as Nawab fits the picture frame perfectly. He holds no authority of his own. Meenaxi takes over his identity and he becomes a living ghost. A mosaic of vivid images completes the picture. Colours, paintings, symbols convey the essence of the film. From the historical city of Hyderabad, to the scenic beauty of Jaisalmer, the Indian touch is there in all scenes till interval. Post interval, the movie gets slow. Unable to follow any direction on his novel, he then thinks of making his novel universal. We are transported to the world of Prague. Here Meenaxi transcends to Maria. The film comes full circle in the end. The death of the author leads to his re-birth. We realize that finally, he gives up on his hallucinations and starts from scratch. The second half could have a faster pace. Judging by the audience reaction, a lot of people didn't follow, and were lost in the movie. The ending was a little difficult to digest. But the film is a fusion of artistic thought and creativity blended to perfection.

The film makes no attempt at stating things blatantly. It is for the audience to understand. Its time we were stopped being spoon-fed. The film is a relief from the conventional love stories. The love story here is as vague as the writer's thoughts. We take it on from there and pick up the threads of broken ideas in the hassled mind of the author. The whole concept of the story, the conceptualization of an idea are so vividly brought out, that we get lost with the author in his imaginary world and somewhere we seem to follow Meenaxi as she wanders in our minds, shrouded in mystery and engulfed by our curiosity.

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