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 Anurag Basu
 Pritam Chakraborty
 Sayed Quadri
 Shiny Ahuja, Shilpa Shetty, Kay Kay Menon, Sharman Joshi, Gautam Kapoor, Konkona Sen Sharma, Kangna Ranaut, Irrfan Khan

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Download Metro WallpapersLIFE IN A METRO cannot be all that bad. Life in a metro is not all about sex, seduction, deceit, infidelity, climbing up the corporate ladder using unfair means and boring marriages. Certainly, life in a metro is much more than all that director Anurag Basu tries to portray. Perhaps, he is trying to cater to just one segment of society!

Maybe, he deliberately kept aside the good that happens in a relationship, or how there are marriages that last a lifetime or how there are employees in a workplace who are not willing to drop their skirts for their bosses. It’s grim, at times revolting. Sometimes you feel for the characters, but yes, life in a metro, like I said earlier, is much, much more. It’s about fighting against all odds. It’s about surviving in a city that has come to become the dream home of almost every Indian.

But let’s focus on what Basu is trying to portray.

Yes, there is an element of truth in what his movie tries to convey and I dare say that this film is brilliant, but only in patches. What saves the day for Basu is his super star cast. Almost everyone comes out trumps with an understated performance that screams out loud! No histrionics here. Just, plain, simple playing the character.

Kay Kay Menon and Shilpa Shetty as the bored couple enact their emotions well. Both Kay Kay and Shilpa are excellent. The last scene where she has to choose between her husband who cheats on her, and who returns home battered and bruised, and the one who loves her, Shiney Ahuja, has been captured excellently. Shiney has given yet another stellar performance.


Download Metro WallpapersSharman Joshi and Kangana Ranaut, have also played their part well. Kangana especially comes across as an honest performer. This girl is simply amazing.

The last time Konkona Sen Sharma tried to surprise her boyfriend in Madhur Bhandarkar’s PAGE 3, she found out he was gay. Here too she tries to surprise Gautam Kapoor who she finds in bed with her boss! Surprise, surprise! Poor girl!! But thanks to Irrfan Khan she finally finds her mate. Theirs is the most hilarious scenes. Irrfan who is perpetually in search of a girl to marry, meets Konkona (his 28th). Things don’t click as he has his ‘gaze’ elsewhere. But their love story unfolds in typical Bollywood style. The last moments have a stamp of Manmohan Desai with everyone running to meet someone.

Bu I have just one question to ask Basu. If Kay Kay moves about in fancy cars and hold a top post, why does his wife, Shilpa, have to use BEST buses and local trains? Beats me. And yes, every time a scene takes off there are these Download Metro WallpapersThree Musketeers who jam in with their guitars and vocals. Is that music director Pritam by the way who makes his screen debut? Also, the characters of Nafisa Ali and Dharmendra are not clear. Why does he come back to her? Does he have a family abroad? Is his wife dead… questions, questions, questions… Also, one does not know why Nafisa has to die!

Anyways, LIFE IN A METRO is not all that hot. But if you are one of those who appreciates good acting, this film is to look out for.


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