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Mickey Virus Movie Review: Jams its own server

 Mickey Virus
Director :  Saurabh Varma
Music :  Hanif Shaikh, Faizan Hussain and Angel Roman
Lyrics :  Hanif Shaikh, Manoj Yadav and Arun Kumar
Starring :  Manish Paul, Eli Avram, Varun Badola and Puja Gupta

October 25, 2013 03:04:05 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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No Dilli cop is as daft as to believe that a simple computer with a 4GB ram and 1TB hard disk, along with a graphic card and other essentials will cost Rs 1,19,000.

I don't think a supposed computer genius either, would also believe that anyone, leave alone a Dilli cop, would be so stupid to buy that line of his.

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Therein lies the flaw in MICKEY VIRUS; the writing is plain juvenile. In the end, the writer feels the need of explaining each and every scene that preceded the climax. The audience too, is taken to be as daft.

The acting is best described as taxing, sometimes plastic. Save Varun Badola; he is the only bright upgrade in this virus-ridden computer!

And pray, how is it that a 'fit-as-a-commando' international computer hacker (who jumps from terraces and glides down pipes, and jumps through windows) not able to see that his attacker is in front of him, not behind?

That's the story; two international hackers are invited to India to hack into something big. Both are killed. Then this cop wants to hire a hacker who will help him crack the mystery of the hackers who have left behind no identity. He also wants to nail the killers. Manish Chaudhary, the cop goes to Manish Paul the hacker.

Soon you have a love angle being forced into the script. The girl is so plastic that she measures the smile on her lips for fear of her face cracking. Even real-life college students will have a better chemistry than these two.

Before interval, the script changes gear. There is more drama and then a lengthy explanation of how, when, why and who.

Debutante director Saurabh Verma has a half-baked script in his hand. A little more research and hatke presentation would have made the difference between a one star rating and three stars.

There have been films which are daringly different who have found an audience. A WEDNESDAY is one, VICKY DONOR is another. In both these films, the acting too was terrific, apart from the scripting and screenplay.

MICKEY VIRUS jams its own server!

 Rating : 
1/ 5 stars
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