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   Movie Review : Darling

Director :
Music :
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Starring :
 Ram Gopal Verma
 Pritam Chakraborty
 Esha Deol, Fardeen Khan, Isha Koppikar.

By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

View Darling Movie Stills

View Darling Movie Stills

It’s called ‘A Killer Love Story’, and slotted in the genre thriller/horror. It thrills a bit but fails to horrify, which is what the maker set out to do. In the bargain, Ram Gopal Varma lets out your friendly neighborhood ghost who is more cute than horrible. But to give RGV his due, it’s better than his AAG which released last week, the embers of which still refuse to die down.

The premise of the second woman in the plot is purely lust; this is stated in the scenes showing Fardeen Khan (Aditya Soman) looking at skimpily clad women on his laptop in front of his wife Ishaa Koppikar (Ashwini) and their seven-year-old son. No, it’s not a seven-year-itch but simply Fardeen’s eye for ‘detail’ that gets him to lust after Esha Deol (Geeta Menon) his secretary. So far, so good. But in detailing Fardeen and Esha’s physical intimacy is where Ramu falls flat. Either the director was awkward in filming the scene or Fardeen and Esha were not comfortable. Whatever the reason, it fails to give a solid base to their relationship and in the bargain, they look like inexperienced teenagers out to explore sensuality and sexuality; not a ‘sex-pot’ that they are portrayed. Fardeen and Esha in trying to ‘heat up’ things, end up kissing each other’s shoulders. When lip-locks are the order of the day, here is where it was required the most, and it would not have looked sleazy. THE SCRIPT DEMANDED IT! But Ramu, like, I mentioned during the review of NISHABD, fails to go the distance. He wants to walk into Roger Vadim territory but does not do what the Russian filmmaker did.

Download Darling Wallpapers

Download Darling Wallpapers

If you saw Michael Douglas and Demi Moore in DISCLOSURE and again Douglas and Glenn Close in FATAL ATTRACTION, you will know what I mean. The directors of these two movies set the pace with their sizzling scenes between the couple.

Esha Deol as the impregnated other woman who is accidentally killed by Fardeen is adorable as the ghost. Ishaa Koppikar has not much of a role, but clearly she is making her inroads back into Bollywood, slowly but steadily. Fardeen Khan is good in patches but it is Zakir Hussain in his brief role as Fardeen’s friend, who leaves a mark. As for Nisha Kothari, who makes an appearance in the title track, it looks like she came in straight from the sets of AAG for the filming of this song. And Ramu pans the camera more on her skimpy shorts than her face!

The editing leaves a lot of gaps and the music fails to set the pace. The background score, however, by Prasana Shekhar keeps alive some ‘horror moments’.

The movie is not as boring as CASH and as senseless as RGV KI AAG, all the same you could do well to treat your DARLING to some other fare!

Ratings: 2/5

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