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   Movie Review : Dhokha

Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Pooja Bhatt
 M M Kreem
 Shakeel Azmi
 Muzammil Ibrahim, Tulip Joshi.

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View Dhokha Movie Stills

View Dhokha Movie Stills

You donít really need a star cast to pull off a good movie. Itís the script that is the real hero of the film. A capable director with a vision to see the end result in the beginning is what is required. Pooja Bhatt excels in this role with DOKHA. She has a winner in the script and she whips up a fine performance from all the characters to present an educative film that stirs the emotions within you Ė hate, anger, betrayal, helplessness, hopelessness.

DHOKA deals with police brutality and religious fanaticism and in the end sends across a message, that there is hope yet. It shows the faces of innocent victims, before a blast, it goes into the mind of a suicide bomber who relents, and portrays both, the good and evil side of the police force with conviction.

The dialogues by Shagufta Rafique are an eye-opener, which complement the mood of the film. The background score and music blend with the theme. The mood of each scene too, has been looked into with detail Ė camera angle, lighting, colour and actor-emotions. Though the story is about a suicide bomber played by Tulip Joshi, it has a social message. What drove her to do what she did? Who were the people behind brainwashing her to commit this heinous act? And how come she did not confide with her husband (played by Muzammil Ibrahim), who is a police officer.

The narration keeps your eyes on the screen and at every turn there is a surprise waiting. Muzammil, for a newcomer, makes his mark. Give or take a couple of scenes, and his performance is to be lauded. He has a screen presence and is sure to go a long way. Then again, the script here is a winner.

Tulip Joshi, with her innocent eyes and angelic face flits through her role with passion. Anupam Kher as the grandfather who has been through police torture touches the audience with his angst. Gulshan Grover as the chief of ATS is good. And where was Ashutosh Rana all this while? The man simply has to move to terrorize. Watch his act when he has Anupam Kher and Tulip Joshi along with her brother at his mercy. You simply want to reach out and choke him.

Sandwiched between two remakes in RAM GOPAL VARMA KI AAAG and VICTORIA NO 203, DHOKA breaks free.

A trip to the multiplex is a must.

Ratings : 3/5

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