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   Movie Review : Dil Dosti Etc

 Dil Dosti Etc
Director :
Music :
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Starring :
 Manish Tiwary
 Siddhartth Suhas, Agnee.
 Raam Goutam, Prashant Pandey,Siddharth, Suhas, Kumaar.
 Shreyas Talpade, Nikita Anand, Imaad Shah, Smriti Mishra, Ishita Sharma, Dinesh Kumar.

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Download Dil Dosti Etc Wallpapers

Download Dil Dosti Etc Wallpapers

“Relax. It’s nothing” That’s the line you take home after the curtains have come down on DIL DOSTI ETC. Prakash Jha, noted for his hard-hitting films, manages to send home the message loud and clear. That it’s for the viewer to make his choices. Whether casual sex is nothing or whether betraying a friend means nothing, or whether adding conquests (read scoring in bed with girls) to your already swollen list means anything to you. Or finally, whether sticking by values instilled in you and standing by principles means anything? The choice is yours. This movie does not preach, it just bares the fact which, sadly cannot be ignored.

In that sense this is a good movie. I mean you can only explain the consequences of bad actions to a teenager; at the end you have to respect him/her to make his/her choices. This movie is targeted at the youth and will definitely see a rise in popularity as the week goes by. How many films do we see targeted explicitly at the youth/students/college kids? Prakash Jha has found his audience and in director Manish Tiwary manages to tell a decent tale. It’s shocking at times yes; but so is reality.

View Dil Dosti Etc Movie Stills

View Dil Dosti Etc
Movie Stills

The story is about college, hostels, college elections, love, and the journey in search of love. While Imaad Shah (Apurv) is in search of love, Shreyas Talpade (Sanjay Mishra) has found his. But does his love know that? Or is it just another fling for her?

Like father like son. So goes the saying. See Imaad and you will see flashes of his father Naseeruddin. The boy is a natural. Nonchalant, cool, with a ‘what’s the big fuss dude’ expression on his face, Imaad makes an impact as soon as the film begins. Many youth are sure to identify with his character. But is that the way it is supposed to be? The shots where he is shown frequenting the brothel to meet Vaishali (Smriti Mishra) are well captured. So also, his moments with Ishita Sharma (Kintu) a school girl.

View Dil Dosti Etc Movie Stills

View Dil Dosti Etc
Movie Stills

AFTER LOINS OF PUNJAB last week, Ishita throws in another fine performance. Do we see another star in the making? Scheming, smart and out to make the boys crazy with desire, Ishita plays the part to the ‘T’. She has some bold moments, but comes out trumps, not once feeling awkward about the scene. I only hope she now does not get typecast to play roles where she will have to show skin.

If in LIFE MEIN KABHIE KABHIE, Nikita Anand got a raw deal, here she has ample opportunities to perform. But somewhere she falls short. In some scenes she is a little loud, while she manages to stay in character in others. Shreyas plays well the Bihari who is the leader of the pack with values intact, while Smriti Mishra portrays well the angst of a commercial sex worker, who somewhere along the way falls in love with her customer. But it is Imaad and Ishita who steal the thunder.

Download Dil Dosti Etc Wallpapers

Download Dil Dosti Etc Wallpapers

The songs are peppy and campus scenes authentic. But there are flaws as well. Like for instance, if Imaad and Ishita’s romance is shown blossoming, parallel to Imaad’s with Smriti, one does not understand how Nikita and Shreyas fell in love. Or the conversation in the car when she gives him a lift; it’s jarring. Not a smooth ride here.

Minor flaws apart, college students are going to identify with this flick and I suspect there will be mass bookings in the days to come.

DIL DOSTI ETC is definitely worth a watch.

Ratings : 3/5

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