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   Movie Review : Heyy Babyy

 Heyy Babyy
Director :
Music :
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Starring :
 Sajid Khan
 Shankar, Ehasan, Loy
 Akshay Kumar, Fardeen Khan, Ritesh Deshmukh Vidya Balan.

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We all know that first-time director Sajid Khan has a flair for comedy. But, honestly, I wondered, how he would fare as a director. So allow me this Ďdrool momentí (baby term) in expressing my views on Sajid the director. Absolutely brilliant! For a first-timer, Sajid has effortlessly woven the scenes to piece a seamless movie; like a master knitter who weaves with the magic of long needles an amazing centerpiece for the table.

Heís got everything spot-on including the goodwill from the industry which is seen in SRK in a guest appearance in a song (intelligently woven into the script), and a bevy of beauties in the title track that sets the mood for the film. Technically, it canít be faulted; visually, the cameraman has captured some amazing moments with the baby and the background score and music by Shankar Mahadevan, Eshaan Noorani and Loy Mendonca is foot tapping. A mention about the editing as well -- slick!!!!

To get to the story, itís about three friends Aroush (Akshay Kumar) Tanmay (Riteish Deshmukh) and Al (Fardeen Khan). Their philandering ways and how they are forced to look after a baby when someone leaves her at their door. Out go their dates and in comes nappy changing time. Right from the time they get busy feeding the baby (juaina) to the time they try to get rid of her, to the moment they are reunited with her -- it all makes for interesting viewing. Thereís never a dull moment.

The scene where they are brought down to their knees in prayer when the baby is critical is sensitively handled; so also the hilarious scene when Akshay goes shopping for baby food. Add to that Fardeenís act to woo Esha (Vidya Balan) and the track where Akshay does the seedha act to impress Vidya to get her into bed.

Itís difficult to point out one actor who has outshone the other, hence it would be only fair to say that every actor complements the other, and this again is kudos to the director of letting the story rest on several shoulders instead on focusing on ĎAí particular character. Having said that, the central character is, however, the baby and she holds fort with her bawling and smiling. It must have been a task to get her to get her act right!

Download Heyy Babyy Wallpapers

Download Heyy Babyy Wallpapers

If one looks at the film holistically, it is a love story between Akshay and Vidya, held firmly with the baby and the boys. At another level, itís also a story of wild guys being tamed by a baby. Though itís meant to be a comedy, it tells a stirring story; of bonding with a baby, of realizing the value of true love and of finding out how unselfish one can be when it comes to caring for a baby. So you have your laugh moments, but there are also those teary-eyed moments.

Now hereís explaining the five stars. When a batsmen scores a century even after hitting and missing; itís still a century to his name. Same here. Iíd say Sajid has scored a chanceless ton. You canít fault this movie from any angle.

From children, to teenagers, to papas and mamas, to grandparents -- they will all love it.

Get set for the cheers Mr Khan!

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