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   Movie Review : Marigold

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 Willard Carroll
 Shankar Ehsaan Loy
 Javed Akhtar
 Salman Khan, Ali Larter.

By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

Download Marigold Wallpapers

Download Marigold Wallpapers

Marigold (Ali Larter) must be one superwoman. Straight after a 20-hour flight from America (or was it Frankfurt?) to Mumbai, she hails a run down taxi for a 10-hour plus drive to Goa, where she is to shoot for her Hollywood movie. Once there she learns that there is no film being made as there has been a financial mess. Luckily, she lands herself a bit role in a Bollywood film. There she meets Prem (Salman Khan), a choreographer/actor who helps her get her steps right on the sets and love blossoms. What unfolds in the next two hours is what MARIGOLD is all about.

Just two scenes into the movie and you know that Ali Larter is a natural. In fact, MARIGOLD is Ali Larter all the way. Her brash persona act alternated with her ‘quite in love’ moments are fantastic. Those, in fact are the moments that make for easy viewing of the film which oscillates from sometimes bad, to good, to brilliant. You could blame the bad moments on the ‘not so impressive sets’ or sometimes tacky change of scenes with curtains closing as on a stage. Quite annoying; it takes away from the flow of scenes.

On the whole though, the film is quite interesting. Of course there is nothing new in the storyline, except that Prem forgets to tell Marigold that his marriage has been arranged years ago. But Jhanvi (Nandana Sen) knows that Prem is not in love with her. In the end love triumphs; Prem opting for tradition, is unaware that it is MARIGOLD he is taking the saath pheras with, thanks to Jhanvi’s reasoning of not being trapped in a loveless marriage.

Some scenes are so predictable that you have a feeling of déjà vu. Like for example, when Barry (Ian Bohen), Marigold’s boyfriend, meets with Prem in a bar. And when Prem takes him to his home, and when Barry and Marigold meet in the washroom. Also the saath pheras. And when Marigold is called back from the airport just in time for the marriage

Having said that, I believe the film will do well with the young collegians as most will identify with this ‘unexpected love story’. There’s a Prem in every man, who’s as confused before marriage and that feeling of love. The dialogues between Prem and Marigold sometimes are interesting and which every youngster in love will relate to. There are some moments which remind you of the Richard Gere-Julia Roberts classic, Pretty Woman.

Download Marigold Wallpapers

Download Marigold Wallpapers

Where acting is concerned, apart from Ali Larter, it’s Nandana Sen who shows some spark in her performance. As for Salman Khan, one has to strain to hear what he is trying to say without parting his lips.

Vijayendra Ghatge’s dialogue to his son Prem sums up what this movie is all about. In one scene, Prem meets his father after three years and is told by his dad that he has watched all his movies and that, “Though the plot is idiotic, he (Prem) is good.”

Yes, the plot here too is on those lines, but MARIGOLD is a winner.

Ratings: 2/5

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