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Mr Joe B. Carvalho Movie Review: Arshad Warsi's CARVALHO is hilarious in bits

 Mr Joe B. Carvalho
Director :  Samir Tewari
Music :  Amartya Rahut
Lyrics :  Amitabh Bhattacharya, Virag Mishra and Puneet Sharma
Starring :  Arshad Warsi, Soha Ali Khan, Jaaved Jaffery, Shakti Kapoor, Vijay Raaz, Ranjeet, Himani Shivpuri, Manoj Joshi, Geeta Basra, Karishma Kotak, Aseem Merchant, Snehal Dabi, Vrijesh Hirjee, Rajesh Balwani, Vishal Singh, Virendra Saxena, Navni Parihar and Babul Supriyo

January 3, 2014 10:39:30 AM IST
updated March 9, 2015 4:38:26 PM IST
Mr Joe B. Carvalho Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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The title spoken in Hindi (a little quicker) gives you the 'other' meaning; a witty move. The movie too is hilarious in bits, especially the last line Joe B Carvalho (Arshad Warsi) says to Shantipriya (Soha Ali Khan) regarding his mother. You can't help exploding with laughter because of the sheer audacity of this line and the situation preceding it, apart from Arshad's genuine deadpan expression and seriousness about his role in this movie. He is spot on.

Imagine trying to make the audience laugh at silly jokes! Arshad does it in style.

download MR JOE B. CARVALHO wallpapers
download MR JOE B. CARVALHO wallpapers

Joe B Carvalho is a detective who messes up whichever case he takes. He gets mixed up in a case with international terrorist Carlos (Javed Jaffery) and is mistaken for a killer. There is also a love angle with Inspector Shantipriya whose entire family lands up in the hospital because of Joe's hilarious demonstration of his love for his lady. This is enough for the two to fall apart. The jadoo joke here is a blast!

Things get messy when Shantipriya, on an assignment to nab Carlos, encounters Joe, who as usual has gotten into another mess.

Samir Tewari who makes his debut as a director has attempted a genuine comedy. And although he gets you off your chair in a few scenes, he does not manage to keep a clean trail to the scenes. The scenes with Joe and his Mum are a little over-the-top and repetitive giving it a television serial like feel. The introduction, however, is hilarious when Joe barges into a flat where cocaine is being packed.

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If at all the movie is tolerable, even though it gets boring in the second half, it is thanks to Arshad Warsi's comic timing.

Just as we have 'keep your brains behind' action/thriller flicks with super stars, this one too falls in that category, but with a difference.

At least, you don't leave the theatre fuming!

The movie is something like this story I heard a long, long time ago...

Once, an empty truck half filled with bricks; ran over a dead cat and almost killed it.

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Early in the morning in the middle of the night, two dead men got up to fight. They fought fist to fist; each of them removed their knives and shot each other.

If you don't believe me, ask the blind man who saw it all!

 Mr Joe B. Carvalho Review Rating : 
2/ 5 stars
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