M S DHONI - The Untold Story movie Review: A 'Fan' tastic biopic

M.S.Dhoni - The Untold Story
Director : Neeraj Pandey
Music : Amaal Mallik
Lyrics : Manoj Muntashir
Starring : Sushant Singh Rajput, Kiara Advani, Anupam Kher, Herry Tangri, Bhoomika Chawla and Disha Patani

September 30, 2016 5:17:36 PM IST
updated October 24, 2016 12:04:11 PM IST
M.S.Dhoni - The Untold Story Review By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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Almost doomed by the curse of the second half, Neeraj Pandey's much touted biopic on Indian cricket living legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni - MS DHONI: THE UNTOLD STORY starring Sushant Singh Rajput gets to the finish line to make at least the 'fan' happy despite its playing safe, mushy and sloppy running.


Stumped by the fact that it's the A WEDNESDAY, SPECIAL CHABBIS fame Neeraj Pandey behind this divine amalgamation of cinema and cricket with a living legend like Dhoni in the center stage. The expectations are bound to go as high as 'Mahi''s helicopter shots, but BABY the bold and meaningful Neeraj Pandey makes us flabbergasted by playing safe to the gallery where we rarely catch the magic that made Dhoni the MS Dhoni we know.

Instead, this picture makes the Indian captain who brought back India's world cup glory in 2011 after 28 years, a filmy hero, a cricket angel rather than a tough, determined and inspirational sports figure who fought against all odds to become a darling of the nation.

The writers Pandey himself with Nandu Kamte and Dilip Jha (dialogues) open the film with MS Dhoni (Sushant Singh Rajput) sitting in the dressing room and ready to take his stance in the famous cricket world cup finals in 2011. Cut to Ranchi, its circa 1981 a simpleton government official Pan Singh (Anupam Kher) is patiently waiting in an hospital, his wife is about to deliver and the good news comes. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Sushant Singh Rajput) aka 'Mahi' is born and its life as usual. Pan Singh wants Mahi to concentrate on studies and just not end up as a water machine mechanic like him. Mahi loves sports but cricket is not his first choice. Due to non-availability of the school team's wicket keeper due to board exams, Mahi - an amateur teen goal keeper catches attention of the school cricket coach. Mahi's first encounter with gloves and later with the English willow begins that reflects the middle-class milieu and how an extra ordinary talent finally makes it to the Indian eleven by doing odd ticket collectors job and support from his friends who never let him down.

An underdog making it big in the international arena will always remain a favorite amongst audience. But what yorks (read beats) this biopic from being an inspirational insight on how Mahi reached those heights as an influential captain who took bold decisions and what made him do so. What makes him 'captain cool', how he dealt with his short comings (broken English) to become one of the finely spoken Indian captain of our times etc, are surprisingly missing from this film. The detailing of Dhoni's inspirational rise as a player and as a captain is ignored. How he learned the tricks and how he mastered his opponents and made his decisions are not known. Aamir Khan's LAGAAN, though not a biopic had its share of detailing on how he learns the game and forms a team. Neeraj Pandey's biopic falls empty in this department.

As Mahi enters the Indian squad, it's all feel good with two back to back romances first with Kiara Advani followed by Disha Patani that makes this undesirably mushy.

Anyhow the writers manipulate it by playing with the nation's passion for cricket and end up with India's 2011 world cup victory with that memorable image of Dhoni hitting the winning six.

Neeraj Pandey's narration is better in first half but nothing special. It's not a Neeraj Pandey helmed picture I was looking for. Many believed Nearaj is the best bet for MS DHONI : THE UNTOLD STORY but after watching it seems anybody could have made this.

But the same cannot be said for Sushant Singh Rajput who stands tall as a performer in this biopic and gives his best. Anupam Kher is excellent. Bhoomika Chawla is fine. Kiara Advani and Disha Patani are decent. Rakesh Sharma as school coach and Kumud Mishra as top official are brilliant.

Technically sound with Sunil Babu in sync production design and Falguni Thakore costumes. Sanjoy Chowdhury's cinematography is pleasing.

In cricket when a recognized batsman gets a juicy half volley, the spectators expect a swashbuckling sixer, but even if the batsmen miss times it and the ball manages to cross the boundary line, it's still a boundary and a moment of cheers. Neeraj Pandey's MS DHONI: THE UNTOLD STORY is similar to this. It is not a bad movie by all means but it's a miss opportunity to score a significant mark in the world of Indian biopic on screen, looking at the caliber of Pandey as a film maker and potential of MS Dhoni as an inspirational sports phenomenon.

Watch it for the love of the game if nothing else.

 M.S.Dhoni - The Untold Story Review Rating : 
3/5 stars
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