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 Out Of Control
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Music :
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Starring :
 Ramanjit Juneja, Apurva Asarani.
 Anand Raj Anand
 Dev Kohli
 Ritesh Deshmukh, Hrishitaa Bhatt, Brande Rodrick, Amrish Puri, Satish Shah, Satish Kaushik.

By Rekha Pai

What's so funny about a man having two wives? Nothing if you ask men who juggle between two wives and families. But producer Vashu Bhagnani and the two directors (Juneja and Apurva Asrani, probably each dealt with one woman) would have us believe that it's quite alright for a man (and very funny too) to marry twice for his own selfish reasons.

So there you have in Out of Control, Jasbinder Bedi urf Jimmy (Ritesh Deshmukh) shaking his leg by turns with his two wives, Richa (Hrishitaa Bhatt) and Sally (Brande Rodericks). The film is replete with clichés and situations that are in the least bit funny. For one, the reason why Jimmy has married Sally is because she ensures his green card in the US while Richa is his father's (Amrish Puri's) choice. Obviously, Jimmy doesn't have the balls to tell his father that he's already married and marries Richa. He leaves for the US leaving his Indian wife behind promising to fetch her soon. When he doesn't call for her, father and daughter-in-law leave for the US and then expected problems begin. Helping Jimmy in retaining his firangi secret are his two friends, a drag queen called Flower (Satish Shah) and his roommate Mango Singh (Satish Kaushik).

The film manages to somehow reach its end thereby putting an end to the viewer's ordeal who has to put up with an actor like Ritesh Deshmukh who looks too young for his two wives and even looks uncomfortable at times, a very loud Amrish Puri, a louder Satish Kaushik, a strictly average Hrishitaa Bhatt and a bombshell who tries her best to make the most of her Hindi film outing.

Sadly for Bhagnani, Out of Control is a film loses because of a story that's been told several times before and is in the least bit funny and two because of its over the top execution.

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