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Paranthe Wali Gali Movie Review: PARANTHE WALI GALI is hotchpotch of a plot

 Paranthe Wali Gali
Director :  Sachin Gupta
Music :  Vasundhara Das and Vikram Khajuria
Lyrics :  Vipin Mishra, Viraj Mishra and Devshi Khanduri
Starring :  Anuj Saxena, Neha Pawar, Mohinder Gujral, Himanshu Thakkar, Yuvraj Haral, Prabhakar Srinet, Vijayant Kohli, Paropkar Singh and Jaspreet Kaur

January 17, 2014 11:44:21 AM IST
updated March 9, 2015 4:37:34 PM IST
Paranthe Wali Gali Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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The irony of this film is that the main protagonist Maulik (Anuj Saxena) is supposedly a theatre professional leading a group of talented actors. He knows the nuances of acting and how a play is built upon by creating every character with care. He also explains to his group of actors the varied degrees of emotions. In short, he knows how a good play should be presented.


Herein lies the tragedy; Anuj fails to live up to what you expect of a good theatre actor. He is bland and listless in all scenes and Director Sachin Gupta, for all his gyaan given to Maulik to feed the audience, fails to practice what he is teaching. No character is presented with care; it's a hotchpotch of a plot and the film ends just as it started - with a whimper. The end is almost apologetic.

Coming from a theatre background, Sachin should have known better how to present a story. Also, he should have got the actors to perform with conviction. But yes, a few of the newcomers do perform well, but with a storyline as listless as this, even they could not do much.

Neha Sharma as Naina Kaur is the only one who seems to be having a ball. She is 'annoyingly charming' in the first half with her non-stop chatter and sedate in the second. The shift in emotion is excellent.

The story: Naina is known for her paranthas which she delivers in her locality for a price. Her business is booming when she meets with Maulik and his actors who are rehearsing in a street nearby. The next we know is that she has joined their group. There is one actor in their group who has a good job in a corporate house and is married. But he is willing to leave his job for this group if their play does well. But up until now, there has been no inkling of that. So it is rather strange that he would want to do that, considering he is newly married and has a responsibility at hand.

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The entire length of the movie is then dedicated to their pranks, practice and the show which they are preparing for. It so happens that the show never happens, and Maulik loses all interest and remains a recluse. His pals then try to get him out of it.

Theatre is a creative medium and converting thoughts meant for a play into a 'moving picture' require skills of another sort. The intention was to make a good film, but this never got translated into one.

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