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 Harry Baweja
 Nadeem Shravan
 Ajay Devgan, Arbaaz Khan, Sanjay Kapoor, Aashish Chowdary, Suniel Shetty, Rhea Sen, Isha Koppikar, Neha Dhupia

By Kshama Rao

The city is under threat in Harry Baweja's action flick Qayamat. Two seemingly demented brothers, Abbas and Ali (Sanjay Kapoor and Arbaaz Khan respectively) and their common love interest, Laila (Ishaa koppikar) are dreaded criminals - they deal in arms and ammunition. Their latest fancy is to hold Mumbai and thereby the entire country to ransom. How? They have kidnapped a bus of tourists in Elphinstone Jail (which has now become a tourist spot) and in exchange for them they want the Indian government to give them 1500 crores and a ship to make their passage to the enemy country, the same which "is desh ke terrorists ko panaah dete hain." If the government doesn't comply, then they will shoot missiles with a deadly green virus (which look like frozen amlas), which will contaminate the air of the entire country and will paralyse humanity for generations to come. Of course, the government has sent their own bunch of commandoes headed by Akram Shaikh (Suniel Shetty who speaks in anglicized Hindi), a bumbling scientist Rahul Gupta (newcomer Aashish Chowdhry) and of course, apna hero Rachit (Ajay Devgan), an ex-accomplice of Abbas and Ali and the only prisoner who once escaped from the Ellphinstone jail, so he knows the secret way to it. Rachit has two missions on hand - to avenge the murder of the love of his life Sapna (ex-Miss India Neha Dhupia making her debut), who Abbas and Ali had run over and to save the city under threat.

The film's real scoring points are its action sequences which unfortunately come in the second half. The first half is killed entirely by some five songs and inane dialogues. Despite a heavy star-cast, only Ajay Devgan stands out. He, with the smouldering eyes and a fancy look (streaks in his hair, side-burns, Capri pants), is really the high point of the film. The janta greeted his entry scene and all the post-interval action scenes with unabashed cat-calls and wolf-whistles. Even the collective 'who-will-expose-more' efforts of Isha, Neha and Riya Sen (who plays Rahul's girlfriend) weren't cheered so lustily. Suniel Shetty should probably start speaking his lines in English, who knows probably they might sound like he's speaking Hindi! Both Sanjay Kapoor and Arbaaz Khan look perfectly demented. While Sanjay still manages to act (that silly grin which he's mastered by now since Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche), Arbaaz is hopelessly stiff. Isha Koppikar as Laila tries to be effortless and bold but in vain. Neha, when she is not singing songs and mouthing silly lines, is cardboard like. Acting is just not her scene. And what was the hideous Chunky Pandey doing in the film?
Apart from Devgan the other two heroes of the film are Allan Amin who's directed the action scenes and Sanjay F Gupta, the cinematographer who succeed in making the film at least look classy. Unfortunately though, the film's minus points are too many (average music, silly songs breaking too often, bad acting, stupid dialogues, those cliched anti-Pakistan jibes, so on and so forth) which fail to make this inspired version of The Rock, rock!

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   Viewer's Feedback

Well, I m an NRI and unlike Mr. Devdas, I will like to mention that Indian movies are pretty popular here. Atleast we try to value Indian movies and culture here, more than ppl like you do in India. Waise, the movie was well done over all. The end was a lil bit more exaggerated with Ajay coming to life with that chick's voice. And waise, Mr. Devdas seems to know a lot about Las Vegas hookers eh? You know what Mr. If you can't appreciate India, then you don't have the right to criticize it either. Dont try to compare it to U.S. coz India is still a developing country, whereas U.S. is a first world country. I think that India is doing great. What it needs is for the youth to realize that because of westernization, they must not let go of their culture and values. The producers make such kinda movies, coz thats what the public wants.
- Sareena Gupta

I think the movie was a good attempt, Nandy is tried to be different from the usual shit that we get from the love stories these days and the past couple of years like Prem Diwani...., or Mere yaar ki...., and other crappy movies. This is a movie of different class altogether and is ideal for a person who is sick of the same old bollywood movies, which have similar plots.
- Yogesh Fatehchandani

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