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R...Rajkumar Movie Review: R...Ridiculous

 R... Rajkumar
Director :  Prabhu Dheva
Music :  Pritam
Lyrics :  Anupam Anand, Neelesh Mishra and Ashish Pandit
Starring :  Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Sonu Sood

December 6, 2013 12:59:51 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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Prabhu Dheva's movies are getting as weird as his dance moves. There was a point in time when he was fluid in his dance steps. Now, he is experimenting. In one dance sequence, Shahid Kapoor is fluttering on the floor like a cock whose head has been severed. Prabhu joins him in that sequence.

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Bullshit describes this movie best because Dheva himself decides to call it this. In one scene, Sonu is learning English to impress his girl. The master tells him to tell her: ''You are my bull, I am your shit! We are bullshit!''

Dheva O Dheva!

R... RAJKUMAR is like a cocktail of bizarre dance moves with no synchronization of mind and body to the beats. The music is another horror. It pummels your senses and leaves you numb with disbelief. Such cacophony to pass as music is a cruel joke on an industry that once boasted of soulful music and poetic lyrics.

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If the scenes won't get at you, the music definitely will. It's as though the producers got together and said, ''chal aaj audience ki barabar le lege!'' Methinks that censors should have a say on music as well! Even the music you hear during visarjan time on the streets has more rhythm to it.

What is even more depressing is to see three talented actors with proven credentials being reduced to doing buffoonery. Ashish Vidyarthi, Bharat Dabholkar and Ashok Samarth are given roles reserved for struggling actors.

The fights are so skewed up that you wonder whether it is man or robot being hammered. In one scene, Shahid comes back from the dead and dances like a ghost. It's only later you realize that it is really Shahid (Rajkumar) and not his ghost. Because he takes some more heavy beating that goes on for an eternity, before he connects a punch to Sonu Sood's Adam's Apple to leave him dead!

Ok, let's try to put sense into what I was subjected to on Thursday night. Shahid is being dragged, half dead, when he decides to tell us his story, just like Dhanush did in RANJHAANA. But unlike in RANJHAANA, this movie nose dives from here. The film goes back to two months earlier.

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What happened then was that Shahid was witness to a fight between two gang lords, Sonu Sood and Ashish Vidyarthi. Amidst the firing of bullets he finds his true love Sonakshi Sinha, who by now has perfected the art of appearing in a movie 'just like that'. Script be damned.

Every time he sees her, time stands still for him. He soon joins hands with Sonu Sood to defeat Ashish. Now Ashish and Sonu are willing to kill each other at any opportunity, but for no rhyme or reason, suddenly we are shown that he (Ashish) has decided to let his niece marry Sonu! Rajkumar is livid.

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Then you are subjected to some more nonsense as Rajkumar challenges both the powerful men, Ashish and Sonu. There are dialogues which Sonakshi mouths to Sonu: ''Asli mard hai to Rajkumar ko hare ke dikha. Tere sath shaadi bhi karungi aur saree bhi main khud hi utarungi.'' There's another one that Sonu says to Shahid: ''Tujhe napunsak karke tere samne shaadi karunga aur suhaag raat bhi manunga.'' It can't stoop lower than this.

Shahid's pet dialogue is this: 'Silent ho ja varna main violent ho jaunga.''

It should have been us telling him this!

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0.5/ 5 stars

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