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Ranbanka Movie Review: Ravi Kishen tries his best in RANBANKA

Director :  Aryeman
Music :  Sahil Rayyan
Lyrics :  Salim Ashfee
Starring :  Manish Paul, Ravi Kishen, Avya Agarwal, Navi Bhangu, Pooja Kasekar, Anita Sahgal, Rudra Kaushish, Pooja Chopra, Pooja Thakur

November 6, 2015 12:37:59 PM IST
Ranbanka Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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In the badlands of Mathura lives a goonda whose brother is an MLA. Ravi Kishen, who plays the bad man, is aware of the power of his goondagiri, which has gotten his brother the power seat.


Things have now come to such a boil that the MLA is exasperated by his brother's constant run in with the law and law-abiding citizens. He is always running to bail him out.

But Ravi crosses all limits of tolerance when he tries to forcefully marry a civil engineer's wife. This civil engineer played by Manish Paul, has been deputed for six months to this village to build a bridge.

RANBANKA is about how the engineer then retaliates to avenge this injustice meted out to him and his family.

A decent watch, but movies with a theme like this has passed their shelf life. In the 90s these types of films were a staple Bollywood diet; today tastes have changed.

Ravi Kishen as the baddie injects enough venom in his role to make you want to hate him. His hangers-on, are just that... hangers-on! Manish Paul looks confused; he does not know whether he is this docile, peace-loving husband or whether he has to avenge the wrong done to him, until his wife jolts him from his reverie.

A case study would be Varun Dhawan's character in BADLAPUR, where his transition from a peace-loving, funny husband and father transforms into this monster. But then RANBANKA is no BADLAPUR!


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